About Us

Hi… We are Team Snarkd.

We love to create content for you and make your day special. It’s not always that someone comes a long way to read the “About Us” page but you have! We really thank you that you take such interest in us.

We understand there might be two reasons why you are here:

  1. You Loved Our Content: In this case, we are really glad you did! We will definitely try our best to keep things better on Snarkd.com. Hope we have a great journey together.
  2. You are upset with our content or You had a fight with someone and ready to cast it out on us (Just Snarking): In this case we really apologise for anything that went wrong on our part. We will definitely like to improve ourselves everyday.
  3. You are interested to know us better. Hey if this is the reason then stay alert! Because you might fall in love once you know us better!

Anyways, we are a small team from India striving hard to develop the best content for this huge world of Internet. You know, it’s not easy to understand what everyone on this planet might love! So our team does a lot of work here.

We started our journey casually but turned out people are loving our work and eventually we took it seriously. We have a small team but looking forward to expand it soon.

We are based in New Delhi, India. Our other works include Mews.com. Snarkd started in 2020, the pandemic year. Though comparatively new on the internet, we are ready to rock the world!