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    10 Activities For Adrenaline Rush You Can’t Miss In Your Bucket List

    Adrenaline Rush is like an addiction. Once you taste it, you can’t leave it behind. People are afraid for most of their lifetime. They spend most of their time and money trying to secure the environment around them. That’s good from a family point of view, but there are things you can only enjoy when you are carefree. The adrenaline hits it’s peak when things aren’t planned and are tough. It’s important to have a good life that is secured, but it’s also important to live your life to the fullest. So let’s see what all things you can try in your life that will make the adrenaline rush through your veins like crazy!

    Jumping From A High Altitude

    For many years people have been jumping from high altitudes to get the adrenaline rush they crave for. To begin with, there are many types of altitude jumping. The most common being the skydiving, another form is bungee jumping where you get secured by a long nylon cased rubber and that goes around your ankles. In this, you experience free fall while coming down and then the cord pulls you up before you hit the ground. The most dangerous form of altitude jumping is the base jumping. In this, you use a parachute to jump off a fixed structure or a cliff. Some consider it to be one of the most dangerous recreational activities or sports in the world.

    Wing Walking

    It is the act of walking on the wings of an aeroplane while it is in flight, it is performed as a stunt across many places by professionals, but you can go wing walking even if you are not a professional. There are specific certified venues where you can put your own show guided by an instructor. Of course, there are safety precautions in place, but it takes a very daring person to be willing to get up on a wing of a plane and do the stunt themselves.

    Riding Horses

    If you get a chance to get on a horse that moves really fast on a gallop, you ought to try it. If you love speed, then it’s the kind of speed you will fall in love with. Horses give you a thrilling experience because it’s like being on a moving animal that you can’t always control, and you almost feel like the whole time you’re going to fall off. There is a risk of falling, but it’s thrilling as well, and you got to try it at least once.

    River Rafting

    Rafting is one of the best recreational activities on the water. It uses an inflatable raft to navigate through the river while dealing with the risks involved. It often takes teamwork to steer past the obstacles. Rafting is also considered an extreme sport, so if you have nerves of steel, then this is your cup of tea for an adrenaline rush.

    Boarding A Volcano

    There are many active volcanoes around the world. You need to climb it up and then ride to the bottom on a relatively rickety sledge. It is hugely popular among tourists seeking a thrill. Volcano boarding is an experience unlike any other. The volcanic rock that makes up the sledging surface is far less forgiving than snow and given the slope and the quality of your board’s design you can reach up to a dangerous speed of 50 miles an hour. Also, you need gloves, footwear, goggles, and a jumpsuit.


    This can be as intense or relaxed as you make it. You can leisurely paddle around a lake or go crashing through white water rapids. There is something both inspiring and intimidating your way past an open water body.

    Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking requires a fitness prerequisite before you plan to go for a ride pedalling through the mountain’s uphill. If you have the necessary experience and a strong will to face the mountains, a remarkable journey awaits with breathtaking views. It just demands some planning and discipline before you intend for it.


    For this sport, you need to climb a high altitude of a few thousand meters, and then you’ll be taking off from a staggering thousand meters of height. The view from the top is worth your efforts. It gives you a feel like you are literally on top of the world, and for at least 30 minutes, you’ll be airborne.

    Cave Diving

    One of the most awe-inspiring activities in the world! It’s like entering into a sinkhole that appears to be from another world. You need to take a few dives before taking the plunge deep down a few hundred meters deep. You will observe an ancient structure that gives you a feel like you are travelling through time.

    Roller Coaster Ride

    You can get this ride in most of the big amusement parks, riding along a track through steep slopes, vertically, twist and turns. You can feel the adrenaline rush while you go through the ramp with blood pumping through your veins and a scream of excitement and fear. A pure rush of euphoria would beg you to try it again once the ride is over. If you are afraid to try it first, then go for a merry-go-round to overcome the fear. Well, this could be your first step into an adventure to find your adrenaline rush!

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