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    Most Emotional Moments In F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

    FRIENDS is a show which every kind of generation and every type of audience loves. The show is a perfect combination of friendships, love stories, jokes, sarcasm, emotional moments, and everything that I might not be able to explain. The friendships makers have portrayed in the show are just unmatchable. The actual friendship between the actors made this show even more special. No matter how many funnier shows will come and go, this one will remain in the hearts of the audience forever. Chandler will always be the sarcasm king, Ross and Rachel were or were not on break, which will always be the question everyone will fight over. Phoebe will always be the confidence goal for everyone, and no matter what, Joey will be the character everyone loves. People will always wish for the sibling bond Ross and Monica shared.

    We can’t give anyone or two features the credit for the show’s success. The show is perfect in its own ways. Especially the emotional moments portrayed in the show won everyone’s hearts. Sometimes they made us smile, sometimes cry, and sometimes both, at the same time. Let’s take a look at some of these emotional moments from this great show.

    ● Mondler Proposal:

    monica and chandler
    Photo Credit: Time Magazine

    People who didn’t get emotional even for a moment at this scene need to see a counselor. Exhausted Chandler, after trying to find Monica everywhere, failed and came home finally. Regretting, he entered the room and saw the entire apartment decorated with candles, and there stood Monica, in the middle of the apartment, wearing her beautiful red dress, eyes filled with tears, blubbered, “You wanted this to be a surprise.” I’m literally having goosebumps writing this, and you must be having it while reading it. This was such a wholesome and probably the most emotional and perfect moment of the whole series.

    ● Phoebe Talks To Triplets After Delivering Them:

    When Phoebe let go her triplets
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    I really really cried a whole bucket when this happened. After delivering her brother’s triplets, we know how creepy this sounds, Phoebe wanted to have a moment of alone time with just born infants. She took them all together in her hands, looked and adored them with her eyes filled with motherly love, and realized that she has to give them up soon, we felt exactly what Phoebe felt.

    ● Rachel Finds Out:

    When Rachel Broke Up With Ross
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Ross was trying hard to follow the chain and make sure that Rachel doesn’t find out about him sleeping with somebody else, but eventually fails. Learning that Gunther told Rachel about it when Ross turned his back and found Rachel sitting on a coffee table, with a pale face, broken-hearted and utter disappointment & sadness in her eyes. The look Rachel had on her face made us all feel the pain she was going through.

    ● When Chandler Told Monica They Can’t Conceive:

    Photo Credit: Slate

    It was really heart-breaking. Especially when Chandler moved forward and hugged Monica and both of them said sorry. This moment not only did break Monica’s heart who wanted to be a mother since the beginning of the series but also Chandler and the audience’s heart as well. Though there were jokes in the scene, none of them were able to stop us from crying in this scene.

    ● When Joey Proposes Rachel:

    joey and rachel doing breakfast

    After repressing his feelings for a very long time, Joey finally confessed his love for Rachel, and when she replied, “I love you too, but…” and Joey replied “But.”, we all felt the pain in Joey’s voice. After being named as “playboy” for the entire series, and eventually falling in love with a woman, being refused by her was probably the harshest thing that may ever happen to a guy.

    ● When Rachel Moves Out:

    Joey can be seen wearing a t-shirt that says Captain Billy Burke
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    “It’s like the end of an era.”, said Rachel while sobbing, “I know right?” replied Monica crying. Two high school best friends who started living together, and after years of time, when one of them has to move out, this actually breaks anyone’s heart. Especially when the friendship was as special and intense as Rachel and Monica’s.

    ● When Rachel Finds Out She’s Pregnant:

    monica and rachel crying while talking about life

    When Phoebe says “it’s negative” and Rachel starts crying over “something she never had” but when Phoebe says that Rachel is pregnant, the girls start screaming with joy, even Monica doesn’t care about “Rachel stealing her thunder” and they celebrated this moment together.

    ● When Joey Moved Out & Both The Bros Were Alone

    When Joey Moved Out
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    Well, none of us can imagine Joey moving out, and completely living on his own, even when he tries it doesn’t work out right? Joey’s this failed attempt of moving out and living alone, especially without Chandler hurt not only Chandler but Joey too, though he may not admit it. After moving out, he realized how it actually was, living alone without Chandler, and both the guys miss each other and look out of the window while the rain is pouring.

    ● When Chandler Was Convincing Erica To Let Them Have Her Baby:

    Chandler Bing

    When it comes to Mondler, there are innumerable emotional and beautiful moments. One of them is when Erica refused to give her baby to Mondler as they lied to her, and Chandler was trying to convince Erica, actually begging her, to let them have the child. And when he said, “My wife, she’s already a mother without a child”, Chandler broke as well as won everyone’s hearts.

    ● When Joey Consoled Phoebe:

    When Phoebe Helped Joey To Get Over Ursula
    Photo Credit: Screenrant

    Phoebe just parted with the guy she was in love with, and Joey walks in. She was expecting him to be mad at her, but she had no energy left for that. But instead of being mad at her, Joey understands what she was going through hugs her, and says nothing. This is the kind of friendship all of us need.

    ● When Rachel Says “She Got Off The Plane”:

    ross and rachel kissing
    Photo Credit: Friends Wiki Fandom

    For a moment all of us thought that it was the end, Ross and Rachel are over, but then we hear Rachel’s voice in the background, “I got off the plane”, it was such an emotional and happy moment for all the Roschel fans. Then they kissed each other, and they were together, and Roschel fandom got their happy ending.

    ● When Roschel Broke Up For The First Time:

    Ross and Rachel fighting at Monica's apartment


    Ross tried to convince Rachel not to break up for the whole night, but a broken heart doesn’t listen to reason. Though they ended up together eventually, because “he’s her lobster” (in Phoebe’s voice). But this scene when Rachel asked Ross to leave the apartment, we knew that they were over. Thanks to the writers who ended the series with their unification.

    ● When Monica Named Rachel’s Baby:

    rachel birth sequence with ross monica and joey
    Photo Credit: The News

    The fact that Courtney Cox (Monica) just lost her baby before shooting this scene made it even more emotional. Monica wanted to be a mother from the beginning of the series, and it was obvious that she already had names prepared for babies, when Rachel and Ross couldn’t come up with a name they both would love, Rachel, asked Monica to give her baby girl name to Rachel’s daughter, though Monica denied it at the first but ended up calling the baby girl “Emma”.

    ● When Rachel Tells Ross Why They Can’t Be Together:

    When Rachel discovers the list Ross made to compare her and Julie

    When Rachel discovers the list Ross made to compare her and Julie, she gets hurt immensely. When Ross tried to explain it to her, she replied, “imagine the worst things you think about yourself, the person you trusted the most not only thinks about them too but actually uses them as an excuse not to be with you.” This was such a heartbreaking moment at the beginning of Roschel.

    ● When Chandler Explained His Future Plans To Monica:

    monica and chandler
    Photo Credit: Insider

    Mondler is the universal couple’s goal for everyone. There were several moments when they made us emotional. One of such is when Chandler was explaining to Monica how he wanted to spend his savings. He was sharing his future plans with Monica and said that he wanted to buy a house where their kids grow up, they’ll have cats as pets, and they’ll have a room in their house where Joey could grow old. After listening to this dialogue, Monica, who had wanted to have a grand wedding since childhood, changed her mind and decided to have a simple and beautiful wedding.

    So these were some emotional scenes we loved from this iconic series. Share this with your friends and ask them which is their favorite emotional moment from FRIENDS.

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