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    20 Errors In TBBT That Most Fans Missed While Watching

    The Big Bang Theory has been one of the most-watched and loved sitcoms that gathered the audience’s love for 12 whole seasons. Though the show was perfect in itself, there were still many errors. Yes, the writers who created such great and loving characters made many mistakes throughout the series, so without any delay, let’s take a look at them.

    1) Howard Being An Astronaut:

    Howard Being An Astronaut
    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    As we’ve seen, Howard was an engineer and had many allergies which wouldn’t allow him to go into space. Even despite these allergies, don’t you think it’s a little impossible that NASA will hire an inexperienced engineer from outside University and not engineers working in their own institutes?

    2) Leonard’s High School Bully, Sheldon’s Father:

    Leonard's High School Bully, Sheldon's Father
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    In one of the beginning seasons, we’ve seen Lance Barber as Leonard’s high school bully, who in the 12th season, appears as Sheldon’s father in a VCR. Though he plays the role of Sheldon’s father in ‘Young Sheldon’, we might accept him in that role in another series, but he appears as a different person in the same series. The same person in two different personalities existing in the same universe? Ummm, you have to agree that it’s indigestible.

    3) Sheldon’s Cat Allergy:

    Sheldon's Cat Allergy
    Photo Credit: The Sun

    As we’ve seen in the beginning seasons, Sheldon is allergic to cats but in the fourth season as a reaction to an emotional dilemma, Sheldon buys not only one or two but 6 cats and keeps buying more and more. Though this is a very minor error, it still caught our attention, and we can’t get over it.

    4) Leonard’s Snoring:

    Leonard's Snoring With Sheldon
    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    In the earlier seasons, Penny and Sheldon confirm that Leonard doesn’t have any snoring issues or problems but in season 8 of the series, we find Leonard going through surgery just to stop his snoring. Though it was fun to see Sheldon going through hell in order to stop him from the surgery.

    5) Kripke’s Helium:

    Kripke's Helium with leonard and sheldon
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    We know that Kripke and Sheldon can’t stand each other. Kripke tries so many things throughout the series to drive Sheldon mad. One of them is filling the whole room with Helium when Sheldon was giving an interview. The Helium made Sheldon’s voice really hilarious, and it was fun to listen to him but to be serious that amount of helium is actually very dangerous for any human and may lead to death. If you try to play this prank on anyone next show that you don’t end up in jail.

    6) Name of Penny’s Father:

    Name of Penny's Father
    Photo Credit: The Big Bang Theory

    In the earlier season the name of Penny’s dad is displayed as Bob, but in later seasons when her father actually appears his name is Wyatt. Maybe they just didn’t like the name Bob, or maybe they just made another mistake.

    7) Process of Winning The Nobel Prize:

    Sheldon and Amy won nobel prize
    Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

    Another minor mistake that writers made was portraying the process of winning the Nobel Prize very simple and easy. If you thought for even a moment that it is that easy to win a Nobel Prize, you might be wrong.

    8) Raj’s Hindi:

    Raj hindi in TBBT
    Photo Credit: The Sun

    We observe Raj speaking Hindi many times throughout the series, yet he keeps saying that he doesn’t know Hindi. Even once he told Leonard that the Hindi word for dog is ‘Kutta’ and after that episode, he again says that he doesn’t know how to speak Hindi.

    9) Bernadette’s Pregnancy:

    Howard and Bernadette's Pregnancy
    Photo Credit: Glamour

    Bernadette is portrayed as pregnant for the first time on the eve of Valentine’s Day and her baby takes birth in the month of December. The time span of any pregnancy normally is 9 months except you live in The Big Bang Theory world.

    10) Sheldon’s Sarcasm:

    Sheldon Overwhelmed By Penny’s Acting
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    This is one of the most ironic mistakes the writers made. We all know how Sheldon had problems understanding sarcasm or sarcastic comments, but Sheldon is the one who makes the most sarcastic remarks throughout the series. Such as Leonard’s Imaginary Children, lol.

    11) Sheldon’s Spot:

    Sheldon Teaches Physics To Penny
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    It is a fact universally acknowledged that nobody sits in Sheldon’s spot. I repeat nobody. Even if somebody does, we all know how Sheldon reacts. But we see that sometimes no Sheldon doesn’t mind if somebody sits on his spot. Like when they are playing a game and Leonard sits on his spot and Sheldon doesn’t react.

    12) Joyce Kim:

    Joyce Kim on TBBT
    Photo Credit: Daily Express

    In the beginning season, Leonard mentions to Penny that he had known Joyce Kim for 24 days who later turned out to be a spy, but when the truth about the elevator is revealed Sheldon says that Leonard knew Joyce Kim for just 12 hours.

    13) The Broken Elevator:

    the broken elevator on big bang theory
    Photo Credit: The Female Gaze

    Leonard mentions in the first season that the elevator broke 2 years back but in the fourth season when the whole theory about how the elevator broke is revealed, they mention that it’s about four years back. The writing team really had some problems in managing the timeline, don’t you think?

    14) Can Sheldon Dance?

    Can Sheldon Dance
    Photo Credit: YouTube

    It happens so many times that the writers mention something in the earlier seasons and then change it in the later seasons. The same happens about the question of whether Sheldon can dance or not. He says that he doesn’t even want to learn how to dance, but we observe him in later episodes dancing with Amy, and also once when he tried to woo her.

    15) Sheldon Lends Money to Penny:

    When Penny Borrows Money From Sheldon
    Photo Credit: Daily Express

    In the fall seasons, Sheldon asks Leonard to pay the rent as he was having a financial crisis and in the second season, we see him lending a large amount of money to Penny. Howard also finds thousands of dollars’ cheques that he hasn’t used yet. So, his financial issues in the first season seem unreasonable.

    16) 12 Hours Notice:

    Sheldon and leonard roommate agreement
    Photo Credit: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

    According to the roommate agreement, every minute Leonard is supposed to give a notice 12 hours before he brings anyone to the apartment. But many times Leonard brings someone over, and Sheldon doesn’t care at all, and sometimes it drives him crazy. So what’s going on?

    17) ”The Zarnecki Incursion”

    The Zarnecki Incursion on TBBT
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    In this episode, someone steals Sheldon’s weapons in the game, and instead of complaining to Customer care, the gang tracks down the hacker and goes to his home. Simply if they had just called customer care, the whole thing could have been easier. But then we wouldn’t have seen the strong side of Penny so, it’s okay.

    18) World of Warcraft:

    Penny Kisses Sheldon
    Photo Credit: Golinmena

    The show portrays that in this game, we can do “coitus” with other players while in the actual gameplay, nothing like this happens, and it was just an imagination of writers.

    19) Raj Talked:

    raj talked on TBBT
    Photo Credit: YouTube

    We know that “Raj had a talking problem and a drinking solution”. But you must not have noticed that in the beginning seasons, Raj wasn’t drunk and Penny was there and when Leonard said something mean to him, he spoke to Leonard in front of Penny, even when he was sober. Another minor error.

    20) Size of Howard’s Mother:

    Size of Howard's Mother on TBBT
    Photo Credit: TV Line

    We all know Mrs. Wolowitz. Howard’s mother is said to be so giant that she doesn’t even fit in the bathtub. While we saw some glimpses of Howard’s mother in the background as well as in background photos, she might be a bit fat but clearly not as much as they narrate her.

    These were some minor errors that writers made in the series, but to be honest, it doesn’t matter. The Big Bang Theory is the kind of show that we watch while having dinner or when we are sad or when we are happy. Doesn’t matter how many mistakes they made, it’ll always remain our favorite show.

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