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    20 Penny Sheldon Moments That Defines True Friendship In TBBT

    The Big Bang Theory is one of the most famous and beloved American sitcoms that contains 12 seasons. There are so many things in the show that impressed the audience and kept them tied till the very end. One of such things is the friendships portrayed in the show. Friendships between Leonard & Sheldon, Raj & Howard, Penny & Amy, and Sheldon & Penny are most famous among the audience. Though one friendship among these gave us wonderful friendship goals, and we all want one of this kind which was Sheldon and Penny’s.

    Today we’re going to discuss some of the Shenny (Sheldon+Penny) moments that portray the beautiful friendship between these two, so let’s get started.

    1) The First Soft Kitty:

    Penny and Sheldon soft kitty song
    Photo Credit: The New York Times

    Shenny moments began from the very first season, in the 11th episode. When Sheldon catches a normal cold, Leonard along with Raj and Howard deserts him because everyone knows how intolerable Sheldon turns into when he’s sick. Alone, Sheldon goes to the Cheesecake Factory where Penny works, to drink soup. From the restaurant, the two decide to leave for a home together. As they reach home, Sheldon demands Penny rub balm on his chest which, unwillingly, she does. After that comes our favorite part when Penny sings soft kitty for Sheldon because he demands it and Penny must agree because he was “sick”.

    2) The First Hug:

    penny and sheldon first hug
    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    This is one of the best parts of the entire series, and also my favorite. When Penny gives Sheldon a napkin with Sheldon’s favorite, Leonard Nimoy’s signature, and his DNA (we know what it means) as a Christmas gift, Sheldon feels overwhelmed and gives all the gifts he bought for Penny and yet feels that they can’t be as special compared to what she gifted him. So, as we know Sheldon even sanitizes his hands after barely even touching another human, but to give Penny something as precious as she gifted him, he decides to give her a hug. The first-ever hug, between Sheldon and Penny, and we can literally feel the happiness in Penny’s tone of saying, “Look, Leonard, Sheldon’s hugging me!”. It actually was a “saturnalia miracle”.

    3) When Penny Dislocated Her Hand:

    When Penny Dislocated Her Hand and Sheldon took her
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    How can we forget the moment in which Sheldon sings Soft Kitty? It’s about the episode in which Penny dislocated her hand and Leonard also wasn’t available. So Sheldon took her to the hospital and brought her back, and also Sheldon DROVE THE CAR! This is another miracle in itself, though the actual miracle is yet to come at the end of the episode. When Penny and Sheldon reach home, Penny demands Sheldon to sing Soft Kitty for her as her hand was dislocated, and she was “sick” with drugs, and as our Sheldon was raised to be a perfect gentleman, he couldn’t say no to the woman’s appeal and sung for her.

    4) When Penny Borrows Money From Sheldon:

    When Penny Borrows Money From Sheldon
    Photo Credit: Daily Express

    Euripides was right when he said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, and our Sheldon is one of such friends. When he learned that Penny was going through a financial crisis, he offered his savings to her and promised that he wouldn’t force her to pay back. She can return the amount whenever possible. Though Penny felt ashamed of it, Sheldon didn’t even mention the money matter even for once which portrays his quality of a true friend.

    5) When Penny Discovers Sheldon’s Nickname, ‘Moonpie’:

    When Penny Discovers Sheldon’s Nickname, ‘Moonpie’
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Let me remind you of the time when Penny discovered Sheldon’s nickname, by which his Meemaw used to call him in his childhood. Sheldon was out on his way to a destination and required a disk from home, so he called Penny and asked her to go into his room and get the disk, and Penny followed his instructions, but instead of the disk, she found his Meemaw’s old letters in which she was calling Sheldon moonpie, and Penny also called Sheldon ‘Moonpie’ while talking to him on the phone which drove Sheldon mad because “nobody calls him moonpie except his Meemaw”. This shows another fun side of their friendship.

    6) Sheldon Helps Penny In Setting Up Her Business:

    Sheldon Helps Penny In Setting Up Her Business
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    Remember Penny blossoms? I also wished I could have one of those just because my favorite Penny made it. It’s about the time when Penny was asked to provide this hair accessory called ‘Penny blossoms’ to a lady, and Sheldon helped her to set things up for speeding up and also convinced other guys to help her. Though later Penny decided to leave the idea of this business, Sheldon was there to help in this, and they also sang songs together. We all wish to have such a friend.

    7) Sheldon Is Homesick & Sleeps In Penny’s Bedroom:

    Sheldon Is Homesick & Sleeps In Penny Bedroom
    Photo Credit: The Big Bang Theory Wiki

    Once when Sheldon locked himself out of the apartment and had nowhere to go, actually even if he had somewhere to go, he wouldn’t go anywhere as long as Penny would be somewhere around. The same happened and Penny also didn’t have the spare key to their apartment, so Sheldon decided to crash at her apartment while Leonard was away. Well, not just the apartment, her bedroom also because Sheldon wouldn’t sleep on the couch, obviously. So not only did he sleep on her bed while she slept on the couch, but he also made her sing Soft Kitty because he was “Homesick”, and it’s also a type of sickness, and who would dare argue with Sheldon Cooper?

    8) Sheldon Teaches Physics To Penny:

    Sheldon Teaches Physics To Penny
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    When Bernadette shows interest in Leonard’s work, Penny feels jealous and wants to learn some “science stuff’, as she calls it. So, as always, Sheldon comes to her rescue and teaches her Physics, so she can impress Leonard with this. Though it was a failed attempt, we saw Shenny bonding over and their friendship being developed at the same time.

    9) Penny & Sheldon, Sick Together:

    Penny & Sheldon, Sick Together
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    It happened to be that Leonard wanted to take Penny to Switzerland for a work trip, so they can celebrate Valentine’s day together. Sheldon wanted to go there too, but Leonard wouldn’t take him, so stubborn Sheldon convinced Penny to let him go on her stead and hugged her as a thank you. But what happened after that made me laugh so hard. Penny was infected with a cold at that time, but she wasn’t aware of it and she infected Sheldon too. So both of them ended up celebrating Valentine’s day together, with sickness. Even Penny also had to make soup for both of them.

    10) They Go To Buy A New Suit For Sheldon:

    Penny Go To Buy A New Suit For Sheldon
    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    Sheldon was going to be awarded at the ceremony and had no better clothes to wear, according to Penny. So she took him to buy a new suit which he can wear that evening. Though this might be very normal for all of us, not for Sheldon. In this episode, we saw the growth of their friendship.

    11) Penny Makes Spaghetti:

    Penny’s Tasty Spaghetti in the big bang theory
    Photo Credit: YouTube

    As we all know, Sheldon loves spaghetti with little hot dog pieces on it. And especially when Leonard and Penny broke up for the first time, Sheldon thought it would be best to make the bond stronger with Penny, so he invited himself to dinner at Penny’s when he discovered that she was going to make it for dinner. This is one of my favorite scenes of the series. As they were eating dinner together, and Penny was treating him like a child, it actually suited Sheldon’s quote, “I think of you, more like a nanny”.

    12) Sheldon & Penny Spending Time Together:

    Too Much Blabbing in the big bang theory with sheldon and penny
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    When Leonard had to go to the Hawking expedition and made Sheldon promise to take care of her, we see another part of the series when Sheldon and Penny are alone and their friendship grows into a very meaningful bond. This is the part when they develop there, to quote Leonard, “brother-sister/ friends relationship”.

    13) As A Team in Scavenger Hunt:

    Penny and sheldon Team in Scavenger Hunt
    Photo Credit: IGN

    When none of the friends show up at Raj’s place for the mystery hunt he decides to create one at Leonard and Penny’s apartment. In this episode, Sheldon and Penny are a team and Penny’s knowledge of pop culture and Street smarts combined with Sheldon’s extraordinary analytical skills made them the winning team. Here, we discovered that Penny and Sheldon can not only make a good team together but also beat up everyone else compared to them.

    14) Sheldon Supports Penny’s Dreams:

    Sheldon Supports Penny’s Dreams
    Photo Credit: Glamor

    We all know that many actually came to California to become an actress and shine in Hollywood. Though she works as a waitress at the beginning of her career, later she decides to quit her job and focus on her dreams. This move of a penny is unsupported by her boyfriend Leonard, though Sheldon supported her and suggested to her that, “the best way to achieve your goal is to give a hundred percent of your time and energy to it”

    15) Shenny Conducts An Experiment:

    sheldon and penny Conducts An Experiment
    Photo Credit: YouTube

    Penny and Sheldon conduct an experiment based on the theory of a psychologist to make two people fall in love with each other. They thought they should try it and the result did not love, though it made them feel closer to each other, and we can see an emotional bond growing between them in this episode.

    16) Sheldon’s Birthday:

    Sheldon’s Birthday and Penny
    Photo Credit: Twitter

    It’s Sheldon’s birthday and everyone decides to celebrate it with a small party with their closest friends. As Sheldon cannot handle the crowd and feels anxiety and flees to the bathroom and doesn’t come out, Penny goes into the bathroom and talks to him and makes him feel comforted. In this episode, we can see the strongest bond of friendship ever seen between them, and it has one of the most precious Shenny moments.

    17) Penny Kisses Sheldon:

    Penny Kisses Sheldon
    Photo Credit: Golinmena

    Penny decides to marry Leonard even after learning that he kissed another woman while they were in a relationship, though she was extremely mad about it. So Sheldon suggests that she should kiss another man in order to equalize things. Sheldon was a newly single man, so she kissed him. This was such a cute scene and was largely loved by the audience.

    18) Penny Is More Of A Nanny To Sheldon:

    Penny Is More Of A Nanny To Sheldon
    Photo Credit: Open Tapes

    When Penny and Sheldon went to an Ice Cream parlor and Sheldon was trying to find a woman to date, he turned towards Penny and told her why he wouldn’t consider Penny to date. He told her that she was more like a nanny to him. To this, Penny stares at him and asks him to just finish his ice, so she can get him to the bed.

    19) Sheldon Overwhelmed By Penny’s Acting:

    Sheldon Overwhelmed By Penny’s Acting
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    Though Penny’s acting career was not very good, even her boyfriend never believed in her talents. Sheldon was the only one who supported her when it came to her dreams. Once when everyone went to see her performance at a play, she acted so well that Sheldon was stunned by her performance and said that she was remarkable.

    20) Leonard & Amy Jealous Of Their Friendship:

    Penny’s Promotion From Waitress To Bartender and Sheldon
    Photo Credit: CBR

    It was not like that Amy and Leonard did not believe their lovers nor were they very possessive. But the bond between Sheldon and Penny is so unique and special that the two just felt jealous that none of them can have that bond with Sheldon or Penny. Penny went against her husband and supported Sheldon’s decision to call The roommate agreement meeting and Amy just supported Leonard, so she can go against Sheldon and Penny because she was jealous.

    Though there are other remarkable friendships present in the show, this one has gotten the most love among the audience. The chemistry and comic interactions between these two create the most memorable moments throughout the show and become one of the best things about this show.

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