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    10 Web Series & Movies That Gave Tribute To FRIENDS In Their Own Way

    FRIENDS became an instant hit when it was aired in 1994. Even after 2004, when the show finally ended, people were still loving the show. And now, when FRIENDS is streaming on Netflix, the new generation is also admiring FRIENDS. That is how the fanbase of the show is increasing day by day. The show is a part of people’s day-to-day lives, and fans are not the only ones who pull out references to the show. FRIENDS became popular enough to make a huge impact on the pop culture of its time. That is why many series and movies gave tribute to FRIENDS in their own way.

    So, here we have gathered a list of web series and movies that gave inferences of FRIENDS in their own way. Let’s check them out:

    1) The Good Place

    the good place
    Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

    A hit show like “The Good Place” also did not forget to give tribute to FRIENDS in their own style. In the season one episode “What We Owe To Each Other”, there is a slew of relatable references. Michael studies friendships in this episode by binging all ten seasons of FRIENDS. While going through it, Michael exclaims he has given up trying to help those he promised. He says that it feels like in season 8 of FRIENDS, the creators were out of ideas and were forcing Joey and Rachel together. It is highly disappointing. Well, the romance between Joey and Rachel is a sore topic for many FRIENDS fans. That is why it is seriously relatable on all accounts.

    2) The Office

    the office series
    Photo Credit: TV Insider

    There has always been a debate that which show is better, FRIENDS or “The Office”. However, FRIENDS came first, and “The Office” has some references to it as well. In a hilarious episode, Michael Scott can be seen comparing his office co-workers to FRIENDS characters. While he claims to be both Joey and Chandler, he says that Pam is Rachel Green. Between that, he compares Dwight to Cosmo Kramer without realizing that Kramer is a character from “Seinfeld”.

    3) Community

    Photo Credit: The Durham College Clinical

    An amazing sitcom “Community” also has a terrific selection of FRIENDS references. Abed tells Annie he did not realize they were good friends in the episode “Social Psychology”. He said that he felt like they were more like Chandler and Phoebe who don’t really have stories together. Abed also compares the relationship between Jeff and Britta in a later episode to Ross and Rachel. “Community” offers the two best references to FRIENDS.

    4) Cougar Town

    Cougar Town
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    This reference is the most subtle on the list for the FRIENDS that come in the show “Cougar Town”. Matthew Perry appears as a guest star in the season five episode “Like a Diamond” alongside the show’s lead Courtney Cox. His appearance changed the title of each episode to “Cougar Town – Now With More Friends”. It referred to the time of pair together in FRIENDS.

    5) Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    brooklyn nine nine
    Photo Credit: TV Guide

    Apart from containing “Die Hard” references, this show also includes a funny FRIENDS exchange between Terry and Jake. When Jake offers to drive Terry to the hospital, Terry comments that he did not see Jake as “That kind of friend”. To which Jake replied, “I’m every kind of friend. I’m Phoebe, I’m Chandler, I’m Rachel, I’m… who’s the dinosaur guy?” Then Terry angrily said, “Ross, bro, Ross!” After seeing his reaction, Jake hilariously says, “Sorry, forgot you were such a Ross-head.”

    6) Parks & Recreation

    Parks & Recreation
    Photo Credit: Prime Video

    Even though “Parks & Recreation” is not that of a hit show, it is surely filled with pop culture references to the show FRIENDS. In an episode, when Leslie is trying to run a telethon, she begins talking about FRIENDS. While talking, she describes her second favorite episode of FRIENDS in which Chandler is in a box in an attempt to have Joey forgive him. And then, she hilariously tries to remember if Phoebe was present or not in that episode by taking a long pause.

    7) How I Met Your Mother

    How I Met Your Mother
    Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

    For the longest time, “How I met your mother” filled the void that FRIENDS left. With no direct or name-dropping references, there are so many moments of the show that parallel that of FRIENDS. However, there are a few subtle references like when Barney, Marshall, and Ted are in a coffee shop instead of a bar. Even though it wasn’t clear earlier, but if you remember, in ‘The One With The Flashback’ it is revealed the group used to hang in a bar. Later, it turned into a coffee shop and they started hanging out there.

    8) Family Guy

    family guy
    Photo Credit: Hotstar

    It is an animated show that is full of pop culture references and FRIENDS is one of them. In the episode “Three Kings”, the show parodies the films “Shawshank Redemption”, “Stand By Me”, and “Misery”. In that episode, Peter/Andy DuFrane must bash in a pipe with a rock to get into it to escape the prison. Fortunately, Carter/Warden Samuel Norton is watching sends. And Peter/Andy can open up the pipe at the famous point in the intro where every fan claps.

    9) Scrubs

    Photo Credit: IMDb

    “Scrubs” is another hit sitcom that makes a very meta FRIENDS reference in the show. In an episode, the Janitor comes over to rebuke JD when he is staring sadly at Elliot and her boyfriend. He says to JD that he has watched JD obsess over Eliot for three years and is now sick of their will-they-won’t-they nature of the pair. He goes on by saying they are not exactly like Ross and Rachel. When JD asks that whom he was talking about, the Janitor points over to Ross and Rachel, two hospital workers. Interestingly, they have the same hairstyles as Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS.

    10) Futurama

    Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

    “Futurama” is an animated show that gives tribute to FRIENDS in their own way. Lrrr and Ndnd watching FRIENDS on TV in the episode “Love and Rocket”. Since Ross is the largest among them all, they both wonder that why Ross has not eaten the other five gang members. However, they turned off the show when duty calls by saying that it was a Joey-heavy episode.

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