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    Ever Wondered How Queens Used To Attract Kings In Ancient Times?

    As the world progresses towards a faster and better life, humans have become more stressed than ever. The emissions from diesel and petrol vehicles have badly affected our face and body and have also made our environment polluted. Although we can’t avoid this polluted environment, we can surely avoid its effect sometimes. For this, we need quick hacks. These hacks will keep you away from the effects of pollution and stress less that should otherwise be visible on our bodies.

    Appearance plays a major role in the personality and confidence of a person. We always try to improve ourselves to look better. And this also comes down to appearance. Nowadays, there are a lot of cosmetics that are present in the market to keep stress and pollution away from our bodies. But, most of them are not perfect for our skin. So, we turned to natural methods now because pollution is not only the culprit. Our untimely routine and hectic schedules are also among them that are making us victims of stress as well.

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    Little did we know that all this pollution and stress results in the secretion of hormones which can increase our aging speed. Finally, to avoid any side-effects further, we turn to skin treatment via natural resources. You’d be surprised to know that the kings were totally fascinated by the beauty of the queens. Probably that is why we keep talking about the ethereal beauty of the queens such as Rani Jodha, Rani Padmaavati of Chittorgarh, etc. The queens had beautiful and light-complexioned skin that totally complemented the shapes of their bodies.

    You see the biggest reason for their eternal beauty was conditioning their bodies well by using Vedic methods and natural ingredients to tone each part of their body and not spending millions on beauty products. To help them maintain this beautiful complexion and poised physique, the Raj Vaidya would prescribe them some natural medicines and remedies. Those hacks can also be emulated by a common person in their day-to-day lives.

    So, let’s talk about the natural remedies that the Queens used to impress the emperors and which works even today!

    1. Bathe With Donkey’s Milk

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    Donkey’s milk has anti-aging properties, as per earlier written texts. So the queens would bathe in donkey’s milk that is mixed with olive oil and honey to rejuvenate their skin. That is how they had their skin glowing and looked so beautiful. It made them look younger by slowing down their aging. Well, this might not be accessible to most of our readers but it truly existed and did wonder.

    2. Honey And Olive Oil

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    Honey and olive oil can act wonders for your hair as well as your skin. Queens would apply them to get shiny and silky hair. It made them attractive to the menfolk. Nowadays, most of us are dealing with hair loss issues. Applying honey and olive oil will make your hair much healthier and will also reduce hair loss.

    3. Avocado Mask

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    The avocado works very well for the removal of acne, blemishes, and dark spots. It rejuvenates your skin. To remove the marks from their faces, the queens would apply a face mask which would make them look prettier. They even ate avocados to make their bodies curvaceous.

    4. Beer (Madiera)

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    Beer (Madiera) is the favorite beverage of men and it has really good properties for skin and hair. The queens would make a face pack from this beverage only to impress them. They also used milk powder, lemons, and eggs to mix it with beer and made the face mask. Beer has very good moisturizing qualities because it is rich in carbohydrates. It helped them to look younger.

    5. Rose Water Bath

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    The fragrance of the rose is very appealing. That is why from ancient times to today’s time, it works a lot in making the skin glow. It gets rid of pollutants from the skin and also makes the skin velvety to touch. So, the beautiful queens loved to take a bath in rose water for their kings to get a really refreshing look.

    6. Rose Perfume (Attar)

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    As mentioned earlier, the rose has a very appealing fragrance. That is why to entice their kings, queens applied rose fragrance on themselves. And, it actually worked. Additionally, it also made them feel fresh all day by keeping their skin from getting dry.

    7. Walnuts

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    We all know that walnuts are great from brains. Little did we know that it also used to provide women curves. For a curvaceous and voluptuous body, women ate walnuts. It also made them look younger and prettier. To keep their physical organs healthy, the queens would eat walnuts and carrots every day.

    What are your thoughts on these amazing hacks? Please let us know in the comments section.

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