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    20 Hot Pics Of Jennifer Aniston Who Played Rachel Green In FRIENDS

    Jennifer Aniston came from a family with a background where her father and grandfather were in show business. John Aniston, her father, is well-known for being in “Days of Our Lives”. Telly Savalas, her grandfather, has been in the industry as well. Jennifer Aniston has always had a heart for art since she was a little girl. Many forms of art appealed to her. She is a talented painter, and one of her paintings was displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

    She also dipped in another passion, acting, after she graduated from a prestigious performing arts high school. She took parts in off-Broadway productions such as “For Dear Life” and “Dancing on Checker’s Grave”. Those new roles honed her acting skills for TV roles and made her A-list worthy in Hollywood. Although some of her first characters are in failed shows, she allowed her significant status in both TV and big screen scenes to grow.

    Jennifer Aniston
    Photo Credit: NBC News

    After auditioning for Rachel Green in the sitcom FRIENDS, her breakthrough role came and the rest is history. Rachel Green’s signature hairstyle also made Jennifer popular, apart from her acting skills. She became America’s sweetheart and made FRIENDS one of the most popular TV shows in history. Her impressive acting skills and hot character graced the TV and the big screen. She played lead roles in romantic comedy films such as “She’s the One”, “The Object of My Affection”, “Picture Perfect”, and “Til There Was You” in the 1990s.

    Jennifer Aniston made the number one spot in 2003’s Celebrity 100 List by Forbes magazine. In 2005, she also got the title of the “Woman of the Year” which was given by GQ magazine. Again in 2005, the actress made the cut for the Hot 100 Women by Maxim magazine. For the 2005 list of the FHM magazine, she was a part of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World. That made Jennifer Aniston one of the sexiest women around the globe.

    There’s a reason why she is the queen of fashion. You can throw any odd dress at her, and she will rock it no matter what. I guess she looks beautiful at her worst! Won’t believe us, then go through these 20 photos that prove Jennifer Aniston can never look ugly and she is the hottest. Let’s get started:

    1. This Photo Makes Us All Wonder, “Is This Woman Really Over 50?” I Mean Look At Those Curves.

    Jennifer 1
    Photo Credit: Amazon

    2. This Picture Has All The Things Any Woman Will Be Jealous Of, A Perfectly Shaped Jennifer Aniston.

    Jennifer 2
    Photo Credit: GQ

    3. In This Picture, Aniston Has Taken The Form Of A Rocker Chic With Jeans Showing Off Her Flat Stomach And A Barely-There Top.

    Jennifer 4
    Photo Credit: Online Movie Stills

    4. This Flowy Ensemble Perfectly Encapsulates The Warmth That We All Have For Aniston For So Many Years.

    Jennifer 3
    Photo Credit: Wallpaper Tip

    5. The Calvin Klein Underwear And The White Shirt Is Working Like Magic On Aniston. It Is Elevating Her Sexiness By So Many Notches.

    Jennifer 5
    Photo Credit: Amazon

    6. It Seems Like Aniston Is In The Comfort Of Her Home. And If She Really Was At Home, Even Then She Won’t Stop Looking Perfect. I Guess, She Might Not Have Any Problem Like A Morning Ugly Face!

    Jennifer 6
    Photo Credit: Sherenator

    7. Aniston Looks Enchanting In This Red Dress Inviting All The Eyes To Her Perfection.

    Jennifer 7
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    8. Aniston Looks Like A Dream In This Shirt And Black Boots. The Entire Feel Is Heightened By This Black And White Aesthetic.

    Photo Credit: Photo Clickz

    9. Aniston Is Looking Smashing In This Black Attire. It Just Elevates The Classiness She Is Already Know For.

    Jennifer 9
    Photo Credit: BlogLovin

    10. Aniston Looks Like She Is Still In Her 20s. We Are Nothing But Grateful For Making The Cover.

    Jennifer 10
    Photo Credit: The Things

    11. “Jen In Black”. She Is Looking Like A Pure Fashionista In This Black Dress.

    Jennifer 11
    Photo Credit: People  Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

    12. How Would You Ignore Something So Gorgeous? Aniston Is Looking Super-Hot On This Magazine Cover While Flaunting Her Legs.

    Jennifer 12
    Photo Credit:

    13. Look How Elegant She Looks In Here. The Perfect Model For Any Magazine.

    Jennifer 13
    Photo Credit: Spidey Posts

    14. Aniston Is Both Cute And Sexy In This Short Floral Dress. One Thing Sexier Than Her Legs Is Her Smile, That Damn Smile!

    Jennifer 14
    Photo Credit: Spidey Posts

    15. We Couldn’t Help But Keep Staring At Aniston In This Sexy Short Dress. The Cuteness Of Her Innocent Face Can’t Be Ignored.

    Jennifer 15
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    16. Again, “Jen In Black”. Nobody Can Look So Sexy In A Black Dress Like Aniston. And That Bare Back Can Surely Take Away Your Breath.

    Jennifer 16
    Photo Credit: Vogue

    17. Aniston Is Looking As Fiery As This Red Bikini Dress. How Can Someone Look So Perfect Always!

    Jennifer 17
    Photo Credit:

    18. When It Comes To All Black, Aniston Is A Perfect Choice. She Is Looking The Epitome Of Gorgeousness.

    Jennifer 18
    Photo Credit: The Sun

    19. Aniston Has The Perfect Bikini Body. Well, It Looks Like She Took It To Another Level.

    Jennifer 19
    Photo Credit: US Weekly

    20. Aniston Is Looking Flawless In Her Half-Opened White Shirt, Shorts, And Jacket. “She Is Perfection”.

    Photo Credit: The Sun

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