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    10 Best Sci-fi Web Series Of All Time You Shouldn’t Miss

    There is a plethora of binge watchable TV series hitting our screens every day. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime continue to invest millions in their products. They are producing a host of new and decent Sci-fi series. There’s a whole world of sci-fi at our fingertips today, and most of them are pretty impressive. So, here’s a list of 10 classic science fiction web series of all time.


    Arrow is the story of a billionaire, Oliver Queen, who is determined to bring justice to the world. The show paved for the likes of Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman brought to life. Arrow is entertaining and has an exclusive ending.

    IMDb Rating:7.5


    Westworld is a brilliant concept based on a film from the ’70s that goes by the same name. It ranks as the most viewed premiere since 2014’s True Detective. Aided by a brilliant cast, it is what makes Westworld one of the finest shows of the decade.

    IMDB Rating:8.7


    Ever since it hit screens in 2019, it has been a hit. In this, you can expect expert storytelling and brilliant performances from the cast. It has got its hands on several awards and nominations as well. Watchmen is a perfect example of an entirely fresh and innovative direction.

    IMDB Rating:8.1

    Black Mirror

    Black Mirror will blow the mind and leave you asking more questions. It brings attention to the aspects of society that we all know to have existed but chose to ignore. A masterpiece from Charlie Brooker, it’s one of those shows that is hard to ignore.

    IMDB Rating:8.6


    Dark is a German series, a sci-fi thriller, dubbed in English as well. Dark is mind-boggling and is more of a philosophical sci-fi series. It’s a bit confusing at times, but each scene and episode has a layer of meaning in it. It has everything from the Higgs field to dark matter, time paradox, black holes, and temporal loops to make it the perfect sci-fi watch of the year.

    IMDB Rating:8.8

    Stranger Things

    Inspired by the 80’s pop culture. The series has intertwining stories from the Upside-Down and Eleven’s background, don’t get overwhelmed by the terms as you will get familiar with them once you start watching. As a viewer, you can’t help but get obsessed with Stranger Things. It is straight-up one of the greatest shows in the last ten years across any genre.

    IMDB Rating:8.8

    The Boys

    The Boys deliver a different take on the life of a superhero. It’s an excellent show that is compelling from the very first episode. Karl Urban is superb in the cast. He has given a performance that deserves a wealth of praise. Whether you love superhero stories or are amidst superhero fatigue, The Boys is for you.

    IMDB Rating:8.7

    The Man In The High Castle

    A series based on the novel by celebrated sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick. An excellent interpretation of what the world might be like if the outcome of world war ll was different. Ridley Scott works on the show as executive producer. The show doesn’t come with an assembled cast of a big-name. However, it delivers when it matters!

    IMDB Rating:8

    Doctor Who

    Doctor Who is a time traveler cop who travels through space and time in a British police box. The show has been capturing the imagination of fans, young and old, for over 50 years. It’s an amazing show with a dynamic story, and each episode is full of surprises and unexpected turns.

    IMDB Rating:8.6

    The Flash

    The show debuted in 2014 with CW hosting the show. .Flash did an excellent job of bringing some light-hearted fun to a series and the character. Flash is a wonderfully entertaining show where each episode has a good story and content. Here, you get romance, suspense, and thrill. What else do you want?

    IMDB Rating:7.7

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