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    Best Science Fiction English Movies To Watch In 2020

    2020 is the year with a very few exciting new releases on sci-fi genres. Still, there have been a handful of recent sci-fi movies to watch ranging from the delightful golden age of science function to dark dystopian modern-day thrillers. After watching these movies, you will agree that it’s not quite a bad time for sci-fi fans. So, here’s a list of the best sci-fi movies to watch in 2020.

    Sea Fever

    Nesa Hardiman’s critically acclaimed feature-length debut Sea fever follows a Marine Biology student who buys her way onto a fishing tour to research formal behavioural patterns in Marine biology. A mysterious hole appears in the boat, she goes down with her diving gear to check the cause and discovers something that poses a real threat to everyone. Sea Fever is basically a movie like an alien in the open water but far more exciting. Given the condition of people in 2020, they can understand and relate to it easily.

    The invisible man

    The movie stars Elisabeth Mose as Cecilia, a woman who believes she’s being stalked by her ex who was a control freak. Despite the fact that he killed himself after she escaped from him she still gets that feeling. Cecilia’s paranoia leads her back to the huge house she shared with an optics engineer Adrian Griffin and there the story begins to unfold. Quite an exciting theme that is expressed well.

    Sonic the hedgehog

    Paramount made a complete redesign of the eponymous blue hedgehog, the end result was a charming and entertaining family film that imagined sonic as an Alien who comes to earth to hide from those seeking to exploit his super-speed. The movie didn’t do much for the average critic but it was a real big amongst sonic fans. It’s surely entertaining! Just watch the trailer and you will know.

    A colour out of space

    Directed by Stanley Richard whose mother was a huge Lovecraft fan, the movie follows farmer Nathan Gardner and his family who were thrown into a purple tinge nightmare after a meteorite from extraterrestrial space land on their property. A strange alien colour spread across their farmland causing the animals to mutate and turning the plants sentient, it’s a mind-bending experience pulled off by Stanley.

    Time to hunt

    Parasite star Choi Woo Shik plays one of the four desperate young men that takes a daring heist in a Korean sci-fi action thriller. The movie is set in the future version of South Korea crippled by a financial crash. This dystopian thriller follows four protagonists as they try to disappear sticking up the patrons of an illegal gambling den. Things rapidly descend into violence when a merciless assassin comes after them hell-bent on retrieving the cash and CCTV hard drives they stole.


    Directed by William Hugh Bank which stars Kristen Stewart. It follows a crew of aquatic researchers dealing with the fact that their station is starting to implode what seems to be an earthquake at first. But soon enough it was revealed that something more sinister is at play out in the water. The movie got mixed reviews with most people calling it a rip off of an alien invasion movie.


    This movie stars Jesse Eisenberg Imogen Poots in lead. And it’s definitely a very strange movie! The story is about a young couple looking for the perfect home who finally found themselves, trapped in a mysterious labyrinth-like neighbourhood of identical houses, in Vivarium. They are basically stuck in this town, and the only way out according to what they tell them is that they have to raise the child under a twilight zone circumstances. A unique and crazy storyline, do watch it if you like to crush your brains.


    A Russian sci-fi horror movie. The special effect in this movie is really good which shows us enough to get us engaged and grossed out. A doctor is summoned to a secret military base to examine a cosmonaut and while returning he brought back something from space he didn’t intend to. A suspenseful and nail-biting experience is what to get in this movie.


    This is absolutely one of the best sci-fi horror-thriller movies of 2020 and a must-watch for everyone. The movie follows an agent who works for a secret organization that uses brain implant technology to inhabit other people’s bodies. But the fact is hidden from many that ultimately the implant drives them to commit assassination for high-paying clients. This movie is directed by Brandon Cronenberg who uses the storyline as a symbolic metaphor that actually feels real in the real world.


    Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie stars John David Washington and Robert Pattinson among the few. The movie revolves around a protagonist’s journey through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real-time. This is obviously a complex movie and that’s what draws the audience to watch a Nolan movie. We all know Nolan is a big fan of mystery and he wants to have the audience ask a lot of questions and he continues that with Tenet.

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