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    30 Facts About The Office Series You Didn’t Know!

    While some people love “How I Met Your Mother” so much that they have created their own playbook, some love “FRIENDS” so much that they automatically start clapping in the intro. And then some people don’t care about either of the two series as they are too busy watching the hilarious series “The Office” for the umpteenth time. Not just that, they still get excited about Jim and Pam’s first kiss. Interestingly, it was John Krasinski’s first-ever on-screen kiss.

    “The Office” is one of the greatest shows in the history of television sitcoms. This hilarious show made us binge-watch the episodes and spend sleepless nights. It made us forget our own bosses with whom we have to deal the next day and who are nowhere close to Michael Scott. Now if you think that after watching the show so many times, you know everything about the show, then you are wrong. There are certain things that we bet that you don’t know about the show.

    the office series
    Photo Credit: TV Insider

    So, we have gathered some interesting and lesser-known facts about “The Office” that you can easily use to brag about:

    1) After John Krasinski found out he was cast as Jim, he shot some random videos of Scranton and you won’t believe those same clips are used in the opening credits of the show. He also interviewed employees at actual paper companies and explored Scranton for research purposes.

    2) Only after season 4, the theme song started playing along with the end credits. Before that, there was no music during the end credits in the show.

    3) Steve Carell had seriously active sweat glands. As a result, the temperature had to be kept at a cold 64°F on set.

    The Office
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    4) Throughout the series, the cast’s characteristics were incorporated into the character’s personalities to make them more real.

    5) In “Money”, Jim is consoling a crying Dwight on the staircase. At that time, Dwight reaches out to Jim before realizing he’s gone. That hilarious moment was not scripted but was too precisely coordinated by the director.

    6) In the series, there are many references to show that Steve Carell and Smith are of the same age. However, in reality, Smith is 11 years older than Steve Carell.

    7) In several episodes of the show, Nancy Ellen Carell played the character of Carol Stills. Little did we know, Carell is married to actor Nancy Ellen Carell.

    the office with boss and dawyne
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    8) For Jim and Pam’s proposal scene, the crew built a replica of a rest stop that cost $250,000. According to the producer of the show, it was the most expensive and elaborate shot they have ever done. However, it was worth it.

    9) Do you remember, Pam’s lactation consultant after she gives birth? Well, actually, he was none other than Fischer’s real-life husband, Lee Kirk.

    10) For the role of Jim, both Adam Scott and John Cho auditioned.

    11) Seth Rogen was considered for the role of Dwight after his amazing audition.

    the cast of the office series
    Photo Credit: Deadline

    12) Pam and Roy were meant to be played by Erica Vittina Phillips (Darryl’s ex-wife) and Craig Robinson (Darryl). Interestingly, Pam and Jim were supposed to be in an interracial relationship.

    13) When Krasinski was waiting in the audition room, a man asked if he was nervous. Krasinski almost messed up his chance by saying that Americans have a tendency to screw the opportunities of working in a British show. Also, he is not sure if they will ruin it for him as well. Later, he found out that the man was none other than the executive producer of the show.

    14) John Krasinski insisted to be considered for the part of Jim when the casting directors asked him to read for Dwight. Even though they refused initially, everything worked out when they found a suitable person to play Dwight.

    the entire cast of the office
    Photo Credit: The Guardian

    15) Earlier, Mindy Kaling and Ellie Kemper were interns at “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” along with John Krasinski.

    16) Rainn Wilson accidentally kicked sand into the eyes of Leslie David Baker during the filming of “Beach Games”. As a result, he got a scratch on his cornea and had to get it cleaned out after rushing to a hospital.

    17) Jenna Fischer, Wilson, Steve Carell, and John Krasinski went for lunch after they were initially cast in the show. They predicted that the show will run for straight eight years. They couldn’t be more right!

    18) At this early lunch, Carell announced that he believes that Michael Scott might be the role he will always be most known for. And today do you see any reason to counter this statement?

    party in the office series
    Photo Credit: Nerdist

    19) In real life, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are best friends. Not just that, Fischer is godmother to Kinsey’s child.

    20) Jack Coleman plays the character of the state senator in later seasons of “The Office”. If you don’t know, he was the main character in “Heroes”. Throughout the series, Dwight mentions “Heroes” multiple times.

    21) Rashida Jones was afraid that she was going to be fired on her first day at the set. The reason behind being her laughter at Steve Carell’s improvising.

    meeting in the office series
    Photo Credit: Arts The New York Times

    22) For a few episodes in Season 6, Pam’s painting is replaced with a motivational poster. However, it reappears later in the same season.

    23) The script only intended for Michael to hug Oscar in “Gay Witch Hunt”. However, the kiss was improvised by Steve, and to top that, reactions from the cast were authentic too.

    24) Interestingly, Ed Helms (Andy) and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) attended the same high school.

    the office cast
    Photo Credit: BGR

    25) Not just Andy and Kevin, John Krasinski and B.J. Novak attended the same high school as well.

    26) Being the first person to be cast, Novak was also hired as a writer. Novak started the trend of writer-performers.

    27) When Amy Adams played “purse girl” in “Hot Girl”, she was a relatively unknown actor. However, in the coming years, she became quite a personality.

    the office series
    Photo Credit: Hollywood

    28) John Krasinski accidentally signed his own name in “Launch Party” onto Meredith’s cast instead of Jim’s. You might want to watch this episode again, don’t forget to pause and zoom this time.

    29) For the last six episodes of Season 3 in “The Office”, Krasinski was forced to wear a wig because he had to cut his hair for the film “Leatherheads”.

    30) Jenna Fischer kept the engagement ring that Jim gave to Pam in the show. Not just that, she also wears it on TV.

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