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    Flight Attendant Reveals On Tiktok What You Should Never Drink On A Plane

    Flight attendant Kat Kamalani is going viral for her TikTok video in which she is exposing the truth about the beverages on the airplane. She is revealing all the things you would never want to consume on an airplane and it is nasty. This video is titled “DO NOT Eat These Things On An Airplane” and has a flood of viewers. Do not miss to check this out before traveling again.

    Photo Credit: Insider

    Kat Kamalani spilled that you should never have tea or coffee or any other beverage that is not from a bottle or can. She said, “Rule number one: Never consume any liquid that is not in a can or bottle.” She warned, “The reason being is because those water tanks are never cleaned, and they are disgusting.” So watch out if you order tea or coffee or any water-based beverage on the airplane. Stay steer clear of it.

    She confessed that she and her co-flight attendants never drink tea or coffee on the airplane because of the gross water. The water tanks are only gets cleaned when they are broken. She said, “Talk to a flight attendant. We rarely, rarely drink coffee or tea.” She added, “They come from the same water tank, and so when you’re drinking that coffee or tea, it’s absolutely disgusting.”

    Photo Credit: Insider

    Well, it is not the only reason to avoid uncanned beverages on the airplane. It is not just the water that is gross, but also the coffee brewing is filthy too. It hardly gets cleaned. Kat said, “So these little coffee guys, they are rarely cleaned unless they are broken.” She also revealed, “The pitchers are taken out and cleaned between flights, but the whole machine is never cleaned.” Also, she notes that coffee machines are stationed right next to the lavatories, the most unhygienic place on the airplane.

    Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

    At the end of her TikTok video, she also suggested few things with the people who are traveling with babies. She advised never to use hot water on the airplane instead, do this. Kat said, “Never ask for hot water and put it in your baby’s bottle. Ask for bottled water on the side, and hot water in a cup. Then make your baby a bottle with the bottled water, and put it in the cup, and heat it up.”

    Kat’s revelation and pro tip for babies are going viral all across TikTok. It has over 2.4 million views and counting. But her goal was not to freak anyone out but to them aware of the situation. So that they can take an informed decision about what to have on the airplane.

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    According to an article of Buzzfeed, she said, “As someone who travels for their job, I see things passengers wouldn’t. So being a mom, I really wanted parents to know what they are giving their kids while traveling, and help them be more prepared.”

    So, now whenever you fly again, beware of your choices and try to stick to those beverages which are canned or bottled.

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