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    FRIENDS 2021 Version: What Would The Characters Do If FRIENDS Is Shot Today?

    FRIENDS ran for the 10 successful seasons from 1994 to 2004. This iconic show starred Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay), Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green), Courteney Cox (Monica Geller), Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing), and David Schwimmer (Ross Geller). Throughout its run and even after that, the show won a huge fan following with its relatable storylines, romantic arcs, and hilarious dialogues. Even after the show came to an end in 2004, it still continues to be popular among the audience, and its time at Netflix introduced new generations to it. The iconic show was based on the six young adults who were living in New York City making through their professional, social, and personal lives.

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    With the series being re-watched and binged by new fans, the show is still one of the most popular television shows around. However, there is no doubt that the moments that we watch in the show have become dated. Even though the show can be enjoyed today, life would be very different for the main characters if it had actually been filmed in 2021. There are elements that would never be the same. Be it their personalities or be it the environment that they lived in, everything would have been different. Given the current age, it would have potentially change the show drastically. However, it would be interesting to see what the characters would do and how the series would unfold if it were to be shot today:

    1. Phoebe Would Be Streaming Her Music

    phoebe buffay
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    Phoebe loved to play the guitar and put on concerts. She always entertained a crowd with her quirky and unique songs. However, she never got to play in front of a huge audience. She often played her music but mostly inside Central Perk. But if Phoebe was in 2021 rather than in 1995, it is most likely that Phoebe would be the one who has the potential of becoming a viral sensation on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media channels. Her interesting songs, weird acts, and comments could end up being viral and would have drastically changed her life. Once viral, she would no longer have the need to do odd jobs rather she would have fulfilled all her weird dreams with Mike.

    2. Chandler Would Be Vaping In A Comedy Show

    chandler smoking
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    We all know that Chandler used to smoke whenever he was under stress and panic. His habit was quite consistent throughout the show. He fought that urge a lot but somehow or the other he ended up holding that sick stick in between his fingers. But given a modern and better time, he’d likely get inclined towards vapes. Some state is better than traditional smoke so he might suck up to those to keep a balance between his concise and addiction.

    However, that’s not all about him! He might get addicted to one more thing and that would be social media. He always loved being the funny man. With Instagram and many more platforms at his dismissal, he would try becoming some funny influencer. But will that work for him? I leave that to your imagination, suggest what happens after Chandler joins social media to showcase his comic skills. Fill the comment section!

    3. Joey Would Be A Reality Show Star

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    Throughout the show, Joey was often in and out of work. However, this wouldn’t be the case if FRIENDS is shot in 2021. Given the reach of social media today and his cute looks, once a star in a big show, he won’t be forgotten. He would likely be more popular even after doing just one successful show.

    Chances are, given his popularity and a dumb character, he might become the perfect person for any reality show. Also, he’s funny too! And are you the one wondering about Joey’s dating habits? Well, he would have several options to explore even what we have seen. So his dating would shift online and chances are the frequency of his dates might increase.

    4. Rachel Would Need A Certified Degree

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    The way Rachel got into the fashion world is an incredible journey for her. It was a great part of her character. However, her transformation from being a waitress to getting big in the fashion world would have not been as easier if the show was shot today. And not just that, even getting relatively smaller jobs without degrees might get tougher for her. Rachel would likely need some form of University degree to get a job nowadays.

    5. Ross Would Have Been Fine With Male Nanny

    male nanny
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    One of the big steps for Rachel and Ross was to hire a nanny for their daughter, Emma. Interestingly, they found their perfect nanny in a male. While Rachel was completely cool about it, Ross was freaked out all the time. Ultimately back in those days, nanny’s gender became a huge deal for Ross. However, Ross would likely hire him without hesitation if the show was filmed today. Nowadays, it’s not a rare thing for a man to be a nanny. There wouldn’t be any problem this time around because of his gender.

    6. The Gang Would Hang Out Less

    friends hanging out
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    One of the greatest and most amazing parts of the show was that how close the main group was. Whether at Central Perk or in someone’s apartment, they spent so much time together, simply wanting to talk about anything. However, they’d certainly spend less time together if it was shot today. With the growth of Zoom or WhatsApp, they would have just communicated through technology. They would surely hang out but not that frequently.

    7. The Cast Would Live In Smaller Apartments

    monica apartment
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    In FRIENDS, we have always seen the cast lived in huge apartments. They’re really huge apartments and were located in a prime real estate area. However, this wouldn’t be the case if the show was shot today. It would likely cost a fortune for them to own. Considering the jobs that the characters had, it is hard to believe that they’d be able to afford to live in that part of the city, especially with Chandler and Joey.

    8. Rachel Would Not Lose Contact With Ross And Monica

    rachel in wedding dress
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    After running out on her wedding day, Rachel just went out to find Monica and decides to reconnect with her in the pilot episode. Even though they had lost contact over the years, they soon catch up. However, the two of them would never have lost touch if the show was released today. They would have remained friends with the power of social media. Even if they don’t talk regularly in today’s world, still they would stay connected. But we as fans would have missed many precious moments of talking and

    9. Ross Wouldn’t Have Taken His Divorces Too Seriously

    ross and emily
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    Throughout the show, Ross was always worried about the number of times he has been divorced. That is why he didn’t want to end his drunken marriage to Rachel. However, if the show was shot today, he would be a lot less ashamed about getting divorced three times. Even though it’s still not something that he would want to happen three times, but it is something that has become even more common today than it was back in those days.

    10. Starbucks Would Be The Hang Out Place Of The Gang

    friends at central oerk
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    We all remember the amazing Central Perk and its iconic orange couch, where the main gang used to hang out most of the time. However, Central Perk would not be an independent coffee shop if the show was shot today. Chances are, it would likely be a Starbucks or another major brand at a prime location such as that. Even if they hang out there, the environment wouldn’t be the same. There won’t be a giant couch in the middle with the reserved sign just for them to enjoy.

    A few weeks back, the star cast of FRIENDS reunited after 17 long years in “FRIENDS: The Reunion”. The six actors got together to talk with People magazine’s cover shoot. They were asked that what they would their characters be doing today after 17 years. To which, Courteney aka Monica Geller said, “I always just feel like Monica would be doing something competitively with other mothers and trying to outdo them.” She further added, “Whether it’s the bake sale at school or something. I mean, she’d be so annoying. She’d be at the head of the PTA or something.”

    friends reunion 1
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    Jennifer aka Rachel Green said, “I would like to have maybe started a clothing line of my own, and it’s sort of a small franchise.” She continued, “Like a Nili Lotan. And I live in New York City on the Upper East Side.” When asked the same question with Lisa aka Phoebe Buffay, she responded, “living in Connecticut with Mike and their kids, and she’s in charge of the arts program for the school.” She explained, “And just … the advocate for her kids because they’re different like she was.”

    Without ignoring the male members of the gang, Perry aka Chandler Bing said, “Would be a wonderful father and a wonderful comedy writer.” Interestingly, Matt aka Joey Tribbiani feels that his character would have opened a chain of sandwich shops by now. And last but not least, David aka Ross Geller joked, “he would’ve invested in Joey’s sandwich shop and lost a lot of his savings for his kids.”

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