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    Know Your Favorite FRIENDS Characters According To DISC Personality Style

    It’s been a long time that we are loving and praising the classic show FRIENDS and its iconic characters as well. It’s easy to connect with the characters when you watch a television show for an extended time period. You might even feel like you see the world through their eyes. Moreover, connecting with one character more than another could be just a matter of preference. However, it can also happen because you connect with them on an innate level. You understand what they think or feel about a certain incident or situation because you share their personality style.

    Monica's Mismatched Kitchen Chairs in friends
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    Of course, everyone has their own favorite FRIENDS character. And, each and every character has their own DISC personality style. If you don’t know, the full form of DISC is Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This model describes four main styles of personalities. Now you can relate that why you may prefer Rachel to Monica. Not just that, you can also know that how the whole group was able to coexist for such a long time, that too as great friends. Within their group, different personalities were able to fit into different roles. They were also able to fill a niche that didn’t belong to anybody else.

    So, now after watching our favorite FRIENDS characters for so long, here we are to see that what their DISC personality styles were. To know, continue reading:

    1) Monica Geller – CD Personality

    monica 1
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    Undoubtedly, Monica has high “Conscientiousness” in her. Describing her as a neat freak would be an understatement. For her, it was not about cleaning, it was more about doing things her way. Imagine, having Monica as your Maid of Honor and how it could turn out for you. Unfortunately, Phoebe couldn’t imagine that and as a result, Monica was her Maid of Honor. And, we all know how it went.

    Apart from that, Monica also has high “Dominance” in her. It drives her to see everything as a competition. That is why she can do anything to win. From dropping the ball game to tennis competition, she hated to lose. Perhaps that is the reason she has won the annual Geller Thanksgiving football trophy for so long.

    2) Chandler Bing – I Personality

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    When it comes to our Sarcastic king, he is almost a pure “Influence” personality. He has clever comments about everything. Chandler can be counted on to have quick wit and humor. Although his comments sometimes get him into trouble, it surely makes him fun to be around. No wonder that Chandler and Monica ended up married as they were poles apart. As the saying goes, opposites do attract each other.

    3) Rachel Green – S Personality

    Rachel Looks Stunning In A Crewneck Sweatshirt
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    Rachel was the most loving and caring person in the group. She is all about her five friends and her relationships. Perhaps that is why she was so attracted to Ross. Because when she saw the video of her prom and what Ross was willing to do when her date didn’t show up, she forgot everything and forgave him. However, even if you are “on a break”, don’t betray that trust by doing something like sleeping with another girl. No wonder Ross could never get back in her good books.

    4) Ross Geller – CI Personality

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    As a scientist and professor, there is no surprise that Ross is a “Conscientiousness” personality. He thrives on accuracy and being detail-oriented. When people use the section of the school library as a make-out spot where his book is also located, it upsets his “Conscientiousness”. It got so upset that he even decided to guard it.

    Besides that, Ross is also an “Influence” who has a tendency to show his goofier side. For instance, his belief in “Unagi” or his rollerblading to his lectures. Even though his opposite styles make him seem schizophrenic, it also makes him a good teacher. While his “Influence” makes him good at explaining information, his “Conscientiousness” makes him good at analyzing it.

    5) Phoebe Buffay – IS Personality

    Phoebe Killed With This Orange Coat
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    When it comes to Phoebe Buffay, she has super “Steadiness” in her. This personality makes her sympathetic, friendly, committed to her friends. Even though she lived ”on the streets” for a time and had a tough life in general, she is quite open and friendly about her life and the people in it. However, she also has an “Influence” personality trait in her that makes her write songs like “Smelly Cat”. Not just that, only she can sing it using guitar chords like “Tiger’s Paw”.

    6) Joey Tribbiani – ID Personality

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    Undoubtedly, Joey has a high “Influence” in him. Perhaps that is what makes him likable. Moreover, he has the confidence to pull off the “How you doin?” pick-up line because of his ultimate “Dominance”. An affable naivety, combined with boldness and confidence, makes Joey a very approachable character. Maybe that is the reason Ross approached him with his girl issue and Monica approached him in a financial crisis.

    real reason why friends show ended

    So, now think who is your favorite character in FRIENDS and why they are your favorite? You will find some common personality traits between you two. With this, you will find a new appreciation for any of the FRIENDS crew. No matter who they are and how they are, these six characters will always be our favorite and will also be the most relatable ones. Even if we don’t find any similarity between them and us, they will always be on our top list.

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