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    20 FRIENDS Inspired Artworks To Make You Cry With Memories

    Even though the show ended in 2004, there is a reason why people still watch FRIENDS to this day. The show stars actors and actresses like David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt Leblanc, and Matthew Perry. These amazing actors play the roles of the famous Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, and Chandler Bing, respectively.

    They all work together flawlessly, and each member of the show brings something hilarious to the table. The show ran for the 10 seasons successfully, so it was surely doing something right. Additionally, the show often had celebrity guest stars in order to make the particular episodes funnier and better.

    FRIENDS reunion
    Photo Credit: India TV News

    Therefore, a lot of fan art has been created to honor this series over the years. Viewers have colored the notable spots in the story, sketched these famous pals, recreated images that are instantly recognizable to all fans. Whether it’s mash-ups of the characters in a “Dungeons and Dragons” world or illustrations of the gang’s favorite hangout spot, there’s no shortage of creative takes on the iconic show FRIENDS. Continue reading to see some of the most creative, inspiring, and outlandish FRIENDS fan art pictures ever.

    1. The FRIENDS Cast In Animated Form

    Photo Credit: Art Station

    We can see the characters of FRIENDS in animated form in this picture. They appear to be super comfortable with each other while simply hanging out. Even the animated version of Joey also appears to be winking at Chandler. As always, the animated version of Ross is reading the newspaper.

    2. Caricature Of The FRIENDS

    friends art
    Photo Credit: Ipshita’s Weblog

    This fan art image of the characters from FRIENDS shows the core characters in caricature form. It makes every single detail of a person’s face appear to be crazier and more exaggerated than those details really are in real life such as Joey’s jawline is extremely defined.

    3. FRIENDS, In Black And White

    Photo Credit: Martina Lo

    We can see the cast of FRIENDS drawn out in black-and-white in this fan art image. The shadowing and shading look absolutely flawless. Just like in the opening song sequence for every episode of the show, each character is holding onto an umbrella.

    4. This FRIENDS Fan Art Is Pretty Accurate

    friends art 8
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    This fan art pic of the FRIENDS characters is pretty accurate. Except for Monica who is staring at Joey with an irritated face and Ross who is staring at Rachel with a confused face, everyone has a smile on their face. They appear to be hanging out in Central Perk, their favorite spot.

    5. FRIENDS, Now In Video Game Style

    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    Do you know about a video game called “The Legend Of Zelda”? In this particular fan art image, the FRIENDS characters appear to be characters from a similar video game. Each character is just a video game-style clothing and holding onto a weapon, just like them. Phoebe’s guitar is also video game-style.

    6. The Ladies Of FRIENDS With Attitude

    friends art 7
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    This next fan art image doesn’t include the male cast of FRIENDS. It only includes Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica. The ladies drawn here are standing in a row with a little bit of attitude. Phoebe and Rachel have their arms crossed over their chests and Monica’s hands are in her pockets.

    7. The FRIENDS Characters With Larger Than Life Eyes

    Photo Credit: The Things

    In this art, the artist decided to make the eyes of each member of FRIENDS pretty huge. It makes the details of this animation look super intense because of this, but equally adorable at the same time. The FRIENDS characters look super cute here.

    8. “The One Where They Are Cartoons”

    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    This image is titled “The One Where They Are Cartoons”. This fan art goes along with the naming convention for each FRIENDS episode. The characters are standing together holding onto an empty frame, just like they are posing for a professional picture.

    9. The FRIENDS Cast Looking Suave

    friends art 3
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    In this fan art picture, the FRIENDS cast looks super suave such as Ross appears to be way cooler than the dorky Ross, Joey’s physique looks way more muscular than he typically does in real life.

    10. Floating Faces Of The FRIENDS We Love

    Photo Credit: The Things

    This next fan art pic shows each character without their bodies. In this art image, there are floating faces of each character that we love. We have Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey, in order from the top row to the bottom row. The artist decided to use a light purple-colored backdrop just like Monica’s apartment wall color.

    11. Everyone’s Interests And Hobbies

    friends art 6
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    This fan art image is not missing even a single detail while creating this image. Each character is holding onto or wearing something that represents their favorite hobbies and interests. For example, Monica is wearing a chef’s hat because she loves to bake & cook, Ross has his monkey on his shoulder, and Phoebe is holding her guitar.

    12. FRIENDS, Reimagined As Adult Animation

    friends art 9
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Anyone who’s watched adult humor cartoons like “Family Guy” or “Futurama” can recognize this style of animation. In this particular fan art image, each FRIENDS character has been reimagined as adult cartoons and they look like they could fit into that.

    13. FRIENDS Chilling On The Coffee Shop Couch

    friends art 2
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    The artist behind this particular fan art decided to draw all the characters hanging out together on the coffee shop couch which is green in color in this image. Except for Rachel, all members of the cast are holding onto steaming cups of coffee.

    14. Joey, Ross, And Chandler With Their Animals
    Photo Credit: Favim

    This fan art image does not include Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel. It only includes Joey, Ross, and Chandler. Chandler is holding a rooster, Ross is holding his monkey, and Joey is holding a duck. This fan art image did not need the ladies included because they never owned a pet.

    15. Minimalistic FRIENDS

    friends art 4
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    This fan art image depicts the FRIENDS characters without any facial features. They lack eyes, noses, and mouths, but just have eyebrows. It is easy to recognize even without their facial features that these are the characters from FRIENDS whom we loved since the show first premiered in the 90s.

    16. Central Perk

    friends art 5
    Photo Credit: Deviant Art

    This FRIENDS fan artist showed off this couch, with warm lighting, the brick wall, and decorative signs behind it. We have always dreamed of curling up here with these best buds. Now, fans can enjoy it all in a whole new and creative way.

    17. The Intro Of FRIENDS

    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    This illustration combines the characters and the iconic fountain from the opening credits of the FRIENDS show. It looks great in this imagining of what an animated series might look like.

    18. Catchphrases By FRIENDS Cast

    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    The pals are on that same couch in Central Perk. In this fan art image, they are all speaking some of their well-known lines such as Phoebe is talking about a smelly cat, Monica is talking about cleaning, and Ross is talking about being on a break.

    19. The One With All The Thanksgivings

    Photo Credit: Screen Rant

    In this particular fan art image, the artist recreated an iconic scene of the episode “The One With All The Thanksgiving” where Monica is with a turkey on her head. That was also the moment when Chandler told her that he loved her for the first time.

    20. Bros For Life

    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    We all are very fond of the bromance between Joey and Chandler. This artwork shows Joey and Chandler cuddling in bed. It appears from the picture that Joey is a bit stressed and Chandler is reading a book that doesn’t have any pictures. Adorable!

    So, which is your favorite FRIENDS-inspired fan artwork? Let us know in the comment section.

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