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    12 FRIENDS Scenes Recreated Beautifully By Fans

    There are many television shows and movies that leave an indelible mark in our minds as well as our hearts. The characters, the locations, the storylines, etc leave such a strong impact on its audience that they get imprinted on our lives. Television shows such as Seinfeld, FRIENDS, etc, were the rage for the children growing up in the 80s and the 90s as they watched it whenever it aired. Thanks to some ardent television buff who suggested it, children who entered their teens in the early 2000s became fans of such shows as well.


    If we talk about FRIENDS, it is still very much a hit amongst the audience. Be it catching it on an online streaming platform or being aired on our television screens, binge-watching a couple of episodes together is always a norm. The core cast of six characters played their roles so convincingly that a lot of us could relate to their happiness, struggles, and lives. Not just them, even the location and the set where the show was shot. Monica and Rachel’s apartment, the iconic purple door, the Central Perk cafe, etc, all of it became accessories on their own merit.

    We love the show so much that everything in it seems so pious. At one point or the other in life, as a fan, you might have tried some portions or at least dialogues from the show on your own. You might have clicked photos posing as your favorite character, or while wearing the same dress as those 6 friends on the show did. If you haven’t then this article might provoke you to do so because it’s a beautiful and awesome idea. Fans around the globe have tried it several times to recreate the moments from the show. We love watching them too and here we have randomly picked a few recreations by fans. We didn’t do much before making this list, we just featured random people doing something related to the show and it’s beautiful. We would also like to see your creativity in the comments section. So come up with your best ideas and let the world around praise you for them.

    That is why we have gathered some of the FRIENDS scenes that were recreated by fans. Could this BE any more exciting??

    1. The One With The Halloween Party

    Do you remember the Halloween party where Monica was the cat woman and Chandler was the “Pink Bunny”? And, it was proved that Chandler is the weakest in the group. These FRIENDS fans recreated the costume and the scene with a twist. Don’t look for perfection but enjoy it as it is. The love and attachment to the show were more important than perfection in this.

    2. The One Where Ross And Rachel Got Married In Las Vegas

    In this iconic scene, Ross draws a non-eraseable beard and mustache on Rachel’s face while they were on the way to Las Vegas. After reaching Vegas, Rachel denies getting out of the hotel room. So, to make her comfortable, Ross drew on his face as well. These two friends definitely nailed this recreated scene.

    3. The One Where They Played Football On Thanksgiving

    In this Thanksgiving episode, the girls stood against the boys in a game of American football. The fight was for a really weird trophy, the Geller’s Cup that no one would enjoy flaunting except the Geller siblings. Three female fans copied the costume worn by the girls in the match, and they looked nothing but adorable.

    4. The One Where Joey Got Brain Transplant

    Do you remember the time when a brain transplant was possible? And we guess Joey was the one and only person for whom it was possible. This FRIENDS fan killed that after-surgery look of Joey.

    5. The One Where All Of Them Dresses As Brides

    The three girls waiting to be brides someday were quite famous among FRIENDS fans. From the group of such fans, these three girls tried to recreate that iconic scene and the results look pretty. The episode was quite hilarious especially when Rachel opens the door saying “I do!”

    6. The One Where Rachel And Monica Are In The Kitchen

    In this scene, Rachel tells Monica that she is going to go on a date because she is not sure about Ross, while Ross was in China, meeting Julie. The two FRIENDS fans recreated this scene and totally killed it. Also, this picture perfectly shows us the two kinds of people we see in early mornings.

    7. The One With The Theme Song

    No true FRIENDS fan can forget this iconic theme song of FRIENDS where all the six characters were dancing and posing in front of the fountain. Well, this group of friends recreated that one pose from the theme song, and they look exactly like them.

    8. The One With The Hilarious Moments Of FRIENDS

    This FRIENDS fan recreated a series of hilarious scenes from the show. While in one image, he is cooling himself down in front of the fridge like Monica, in another image, he’s playing guitar at the Central Pert in place of Phoebe. He also recreated the scene where Ross tries to keep the door close at Rachel’s birthday party so that her father doesn’t come outside. All these were done when he visited the sets of FRIENDS. Have you ever been there? Which moments did you recreate back then? Share with us now.

    9. The One With The “Pivot”

    In these series of photos, in one image, the fans recreated the classic scene of “Pivot” where Rachel, Chandler, and Ross trying to take the couch upstairs, and Ross starts yelling “Pivot, Pivot, Pivot!!” While in this image, places have been switched, and either Ross or Chandler is missing.

    10. The One With The FRIENDS Theme Song

    The theme song of FRIENDS is so popular that fans have recreated images as well as the entire song. Similarly, these FRIENDS fans recreated the entire theme song of FRIENDS, and they pretty much nailed it.

    11. The One Where Rachel Made English Trifle

    We know that you do remember the famous Rachel’s trifle for Thanksgiving with peas and beef in it. Well, this amazing fan recreated that English Thanksgiving trifle which looks amazing.

    12. The One With The Entire First Episode

    YouTuber Chi with a C has gone all out and has made some magic happen with a green screen to get the shots down. Chi painstakingly recreated each scene complete with canned laughter. This was a pretty solid effort from someone who only had a cast of one. We won’t say it’s the best one could do but we enjoyed it.

    For all the fans out there, you oughta try and recreate these moments because it would be really fun doing it. Gather your friends around and create memories for a lifetime. And don’t forget to share some pics in the comment section.

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