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    15 Friends Supporting Actors Who Deserved More Screen Time

    FRIENDS followed the lives of the six main group members. However, the main cast had to interact with other friends, romantic interests, family members, and co-workers to keep things exciting. Even though viewers excitedly tuned in for ten years to watch their favorite six characters in kooky situations, some supporting characters deserved more screen time than they were actually provided. The focus did not deviate from the six main characters, but it did allow some of the show’s recurring cast to make a larger impression on show.

    Today we gave it a thought and picked a few characters who should have got a few more shots in the show. So here is the list of 15 characters who deserve more screen time in the show. Let’s check it out:

    1) Janice

    Photo Credit: Heart Radio

    While she may not have made the main characters happy, Janice appeared multiple times a season, and viewers were always delighted to see her. There was no one else like Janice in the series. She had a habit of bringing in an extra splash of comedy in the show. There were not moments where Janice felt like an unnecessary addition to an episode. She did appear regularly throughout the ten seasons and should have gotten more time on the show.

    2) Frank Buffay Junior

    Frank Buffay Jr.
    Photo Credit: Friends Wiki Fandom

    Phoebe’s family problems were immense. However, one relative stood out and made her life brighter, and that was none other than her half-brother, Frank Buffay Junior. He comes into Phoebe’s presence in the second season. After that, he remains a recurring character going forward. While Phoebe and Frank are there for each other in a way that neither of them claimed to have experienced with other relatives, they don’t have the most typical relationship. However, it was easy to see he wanted to have a good relationship with Phoebe, Alice, and the triplets.

    3) David

    Photo Credit: Friends Wiki Fandom

    David appeared in five episodes during the series’ ten-year run. While David leaves for Minsk quickly after his introduction, he was the first man Phoebe is serious about. Even though Phoebe dated a lot of men while he was gone, and she never looked like she misses him, they had the same chemistry whenever David arrives in New York. Unfortunately, his lack of appearances makes it difficult to root for him.

    4) Charlie Wheeler

    Photo Credit: Grazia Daily

    Charlie first appeared as Ross’ colleague. She quickly sparked a relationship with Joey. She was a rare character on the show who could match or be above Ross’ intellect. Unfortunately, in “The One With Ross’s Grant”, her time came to an abrupt end. Even if she continued as a colleague rather than a romantic interest for Ross or Joey, Charlie had plenty of potentials to grow as a character.

    5) Richard

    Richard Burke
    Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

    Richard was a family friend of the Gellers who later became Monica’s boyfriend. They both were in a serious relationship but eventually broke up mutually. He definitely was a character that could have had a larger story than just being Monica’s partner. Moreover, his character was quite intriguing. Though the relationship between Richard and Monica ended, he could have been a powerful addition to the show if allowed to continue.

    6) Julie

    Photo Credit: Friends Central Fandom

    There was never anything bad about Julie’s arrival on the show besides it was the worst possible moment for the beginning of a potential romance between Ross and Rachel. She was a sweet woman who was happy to spend time with Ross’ friends. Unfortunately, she gets written off mainly as an inconvenience. Julie had the potential to be a more rounded character in the show.

    7) Eddie

    Photo Credit: Cinema Blend

    Eddie was Chandler’s new roommate after Joey left him alone. His wicked temper and unstable mind made Chandler quite uncomfortable while they were roommates. However, keeping him for a longer period would have been amazing because he was hysterical. The craziness he brought in was unmatchable and we would not have been bored with his stupidity at all.

    8) Carol And Susan

    Carol and Susan
    Photo Credit: Gay Star News

    Carol and Susan disappear from FRIENDS in its last few seasons. They have one of the most touching relationships in the series. Even though Carol and Susan were not around often enough to be the main characters, they had many openings to share storylines regarding Ben growing up. Unfortunately, they fall behind with no explanation.

    9) Gunther

    gunther rachel friends
    Photo Credit: Medium

    Gunther, who runs the famous Central Perk coffee shop was there throughout the series. He was never a part of the gang but he was surely the follower of their adventures. Gunther definitely deserved more active time on screen. Maybe getting involved with Rachel eve for quite a while would have been interesting.

    10) Emily Waltham

    Ross and Emily
    Photo Credit: Musings Of A Milettennial

    Ross and Emily had a whirlwind romance, and that leads them to a wedding in London. Initially, Emily was a happy and understanding woman. Although Emily was a nice enough person and excited about marrying Ross, fans may not have been rooting for Ross and Emily as a couple. Everything changes at the altar when Ross says Rachel’s name. Afterward, Emily’s anger and embarrassment are justified, but her ultimatums toward him later are not. This does not match her previous personality going into the marriage. That is why she deserved more time to deal with Ross in other ways.

    11) Dina

    Photo Credit: Media Village

    It would have been great to see Dina’s story because it turned out to be the most complicated than anyone else in the show. Moreover, she being the youngest, might have benefitted a lot from the group’s guidance towards a better life. And seeing the group acting like adults(which means being an idol to someone) would have been fun too. She was already in a place that was quite not good and seeing her come back and managing things for good would have been a nice experience. Since Joey was her brother, it would have been odd to see more of her getting indulged with the group.

    12) Ben

    Cole Sprouse Aka Ben Had A Big Crush On Jennifer
    Photo Credit: Times Of India

    When Carol was pregnant, Ben was a massive deal for everybody. He was also relevant during the first few seasons of the show. That showed Ross’s bond with his son over life milestones and holiday celebrations. However, his disappearance from the show without a trace was quite confusing. The reasons are never explained about why he was not spending time with Ross anymore.

    13) Will

    will and ross
    Photo Credit: Friends Wiki Fandom

    Will was Ross’s best friend from high school. They also made the “I hate Rachel” club just to hate Rachel. It would have been wonderful to carry forward their friendship and continued the awkward Hate Rachel Club. We surely know Ross would not be a part of it anymore but seeing him stuck between an old friend and the “love of his life” would have been fun. But that didn’t happen. Bradd just gave a guest appearance in the show and so we can’t expect more of him but anyways it would have been fun. However, he was hilarious in the thanksgiving episode.

    14) Kathy

    Photo Credit: Cinema Blend

    Chandler is struck by horror the moment he realizes that he loves his best friend’s girlfriend, Kathy. Although he can not shake his sentiments, he feels awful about his feelings for Kathy behind Joey’s back. After Kathy has broken up with Joey, Chandler and Kathy take things to the next level. However, they don’t last long together as Chandler becomes paranoid and possessive of Kathy. As much as Chandler wants to trust her, his declaring that she is cheating on him, is what breaks them up.

    15) Ursula

    Photo Credit: Bustle

    Initially, Lisa Kudrow appeared in the show “Mad About You”. Instead of ignoring her appearance on the show, FRIENDS incorporated Ursula into the show as Phoebe’s estranged twin sister. From her humor balanced Phoebe’s whimsy persona to uncaring attitude, everything was showed in FRIENDS as well. She appeared various times until the eighth season and was a substantial addition to the supporting cast. Although Ursula was a fun character to have around, she was briefly mentioned in episodes after being written off. She surely deserves some more screen time to show off her insanity.

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