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    10 FRIENDS Supporting Actors Who Have Left The World

    The news of James Michael Tyler (Gunther)’s demise has left the fans of FRIENDS shaken. The actor played a supporting character in 150 episodes with one of the most appearances on the show. Unfortunately, the actor had been living and battling prostate cancer since September 2018. However, he left us too soon at the age of just 59.

    FRIENDS entertained and marked the lives of millions of people throughout its 10 years long run. Even after its end, several actors who went through the sitcom just like James Michael Tyler left their marks on the series. Sadly, some of the supporting actors from FRIENDS have run the natural course of life after the show and left the world.

    From Ron Leibman to Conchata Ferrell, you probably didn’t know some of the supporting actors from FRIENDS who have left this world. To know, continue reading:

    1) Conchata Ferrell – The Judge

    conchata ferrell friends
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    In FRIENDS, Ross and Rachel got drunk married in Las Vegas and went to get it annulled. There was a grumpy judge with very little patience for the couple. That judge was none other than Conchata Ferrell. Naturally, she denies the annulment request and asked them to get a divorce instead. Despite appearing in only one episode, she surely stole that episode. However, her important sitcom was “Two and a half men” where she played the character of Berta. Sadly, Ferrell left us at the age of 77 in October 2020 because of heart problems.

    2) Mary Pat Gleason – Nurse Sizemore

    mary pat gleason friends
    Photo Credit: Entertainment Daily

    Mary Pat Gleason came to the series in season one in the episode “The One With George Stephanopolous”. Do you remember, when Chandler and Joey take Ross to a hockey game to cheer him up as he laments that his ex-wife Carol is pregnant? Unfortunately, Ross gets hit by the disc right in the middle of the face. The three friends rush to the emergency room but they need to deal with the impatient nurse Sizemore in the waiting room. Gleason played the character of nurse Sizemore and made us laugh hard. Due to cancer, she left the world in June 2020 at the age of 70.

    3) Joel Beeson – Tadd, The Hombre Man

    joel benson in Friends
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    At the beginning of the second season, Joey worked in a department store where he just have to get customers to let him “spray” perfume on them. Later, he ends up meeting the Hombre Man, his new co-worker. Joey felt threatened by him because he curiously managed to spray perfume on more customers as a comparison to Joey. That tall and charming Hombre Man was none other than Joel Beeson. Sadly, the actors left us too soon at the age of 51 in October 2017.

    4) Taylor Negron – Allesandro

    Taylor Negron in friends
    Photo Credit: DemotiX

    When Monica was chasing her dream of being a chef, she had a brief career as a restaurant reviewer for Chelsea Reporter as well. At that time, she wrote a negative review of Allesandro’s, an Italian gastronomy place. After that, the owner of the restaurant started chasing her everywhere to change her opinion. Not just that, the character even visits her at her apartment. The character of that maniac restaurant owner was played by Taylor Negron. Unfortunately, he left us at the young age of 57 after struggling with liver cancer.

    5) Ron Glass – Russell, Ross’s Divorce Lawyer

    Ron Glass in friends
    Photo Credit: Daily Express

    In his brief appearance in FRIENDS, Ron Glass was most connected to Ross’s story. He played a lawyer who was very smart but impatient. Ross is one of his favorite clients because he could make good money with that amount of Ross divorces. Russell springs into action on the show when Ross went to him to get his marriage annulled with Rachel. Glass deserves to be remembered here despite the quick appearance. Unfortunately, the actor passed away in November 2016 at the age of 71.

    6) Audra Lindley – Frances, Phoebe’s Grandmother

    audra lindley in Friends
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    Audra Lindley also left her mark on the series despite having appeared in just one episode of the show. In the ninth episode of the second season “The One With Phoebe’s Dad”, it was shown that she was Phoebe’s grandmother, Frances. Thanks to Frances and her photo album, Phoebe gets to know her stepbrother and father as well. After a grueling and long battle with leukemia, the actress left the world in 1997 at the age of 79.

    7) Stan Kirsch – Ethan, Monica’s Young Boyfriend

    Stan Kirsch in friends
    Photo Credit: The Today Show

    Do you remember an underage boy whose Monica took the virginity? In season one of episode 22, Monica pretends to be 22 at a college party. At that party, she ends up meeting young Ethan. Even though he was 17 years old, he lied to Monica about his age. They sleep together, but it ended quickly as soon as Monica discovers the real situation. However, ver few people know that the actor who played Ethan, Stan Kirsch passed away in January 2020 at the young age of 51.

    8) Max Wright – Terry, Central Perk Manager

    Max Wright in friends
    Photo Credit: Max Wright

    Max Wright played the character of the Central Perk manager, Perry in the show. He was the manager long before Gunther and was a cranky old man. Even though he is most famous for starring in “Alf The Stubborn”, he played a significant part in FRIENDS as well. He was the cruel manager who asked Rachel to fire Phoebe as he cannot stand her songs. Sadly, at the age the 75, the brilliant actor left us in 2019.

    9) Ron Leibman – Dr. Leonard Green, Rachel’s Father

    Ron Leibman in friends
    Photo Credit: NME

    Ron Leibman portrayed the character of Dr. Leonard Green, Rachel’s father who was always a very authoritative man. Throughout the series, he appeared at very punctual moments such as Rachel’s birthday, his dinner with Ross and Rachel, and then with Phoebe and Rachel. Even though the situations were quite complicated with him in the series, he will always be remembered as Rachel’s father. Unfortunately, he passed away in December 2019, aged 82.

    10) Robin Williams – Thomas

    Robin Williams in friend
    Photo Credit: The New York Times

    Robin Williams was a comedian who did a remarkable job in the world of series and stand-ups. The actor starred in the film “One Day, Two Parents” with Billy Crystal and became good friends. They also did a cameo in FRIENDS together in the third season and episode 24 “The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion”. In the cameo, Williams played the character of Thomas who cries over his wife’s estrangement. And after a while, Billy Crystal who played the character of Tim, confesses that he is the one who is sleeping with Thomas’s wife. Despite having been on the series for only a few minutes, they still stole the show. Unfortunately, that amazing actor left us in August 2014.

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