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    Ranking Down Joey’s Best Girlfriends From FRIENDS

    Joey Tribbiani was considered quite the ladies man on the show FRIENDS. The guy who loved Hugsy, his bedtime penguin pal, and sandwiches, dated more people than any other character throughout the series. This would make sense considering Ross and Rachel dated seriously for part of seasons two and three, Monica and Chandler ended up getting together at the conclusion of season four, and Phoebe found her true love, Mike, by the ninth season. On the other hand, Joey dated two women who dumped him for another guy over the course of ten years, then he also dated a woman who liked to hit people and he also had a brief romance with Rachel.

    In this list, we’ve considered women who had noteworthy stories with him or the women who actually dated Joey. And, we have ranked them according to their personalities and time spent with the cute guy, Joey.

    10. Kathy – Season 4

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    When we were first introduced to Kathy, she and Joey seemed like they would be a great couple during the fourth season of FRIENDS. However, when she fell head over heels for Chandler, their romance would quickly fade away. Chandler was the one who had been pining over her since the day they first met. Kathy cheated on Joey at the first chance she got and started dating Chandler. However, she soon cheated on Chandler as well and was quickly disappeared from the gang’s lives.

    9. Hayley – Season 9

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    During the ninth season of FRIENDS, Hayley only appeared in one episode of the show. Joey started dating her and believed that he had already been with her. Even when he was in Hayley’s apartment, he was mad that she had forgotten about their romantic trysts. But finally, as it turned out Joey was in a previous relationship with Hayley’s roommate which was confirmed once she shows up during their date. She was one of the sensible girls Joey ever dated.

    8. Melanie – Season 1

    joey's girlfriend melanie who gifted many fruit baskets
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    Melanie appeared in the season one finale of the show. She was dating Joey at the time when he was taking part in a fertility study. Unfortunately, in the initial days, the two were never actually able to seal the deal. But Joey tried to satisfy her needs without letting her know that he was part of a study. All these great experiences at night with Joey made her so thrilled that she filled the guys’ apartment with an assortment of fruit baskets which she designed as part of her job. Since she was very caring and loving towards Joey, they would have made a great pair.

    7. Jessica Lockhart – Season 7

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    During the seventh season, Susan Sarandon guest-starred as Jessica Lockhart on FRIENDS. She portrayed the character of a famous soap star on “Days Of Our Lives”. Since she was being written out of the show, Joey’s Dr. Drake Ramoray would be inheriting Lockahart’s character’s brain. However, the two enter into a romantic relationship while she was teaching Joey how to act like her character. Unfortunately, their romance did not move further because she got a role offered in Mexico. She would have been a good choice for Joey as they shared the same profession and passionate love.

    6. Rachel – Season 9 And 10

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    During the 8th season of FRIENDS, the relationship between Rachel and Joey began to flourish. However, it did not actually happen until the conclusion of the ninth season. Fortunately, it did not drag on for that long into season 10. Because as a fan, we always wanted Ross and Rachel to be together. Rachel might be a good choice for Joey because they were friends before, he was willing to change for her, and she was the first girl he ever got true feelings for. Also, because of how much we love her character, Rachel gets some bonus points as well.

    5. Charlie – Season 9

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    Charlie and Joey never made any sense because Charlie was too smart, unlike Joey. Undoubtedly, she was best suited for Ross. Joey tried hard to look smart and get along with her when they were dating. But as soon as she got the chance, she started dating Ross. Funnily, this relationship mirrors Joey’s relationship with Kathy. The only difference is that it involves Ross and not Chandler. Similar to Kathy, Charlie too dumped Joey for Ross and then dumped Ross for another guy. Charlie would have been better for Joey’s intellectual benefits.

    4. Janine – Season 6

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    During the tenth season of FRIENDS, Janine was one of the longest relationships that Joey had with anyone. Joey needed to find someone to help him pay the bills after Chandler moved out. And that person was Janine. She came into Joey’s life as a roommate and later they started dating each other. Unfortunately, Janine could not stand Chandler and Monica. Sadly, things turned awry rather quickly and forced Joey to pick between her or them. Of course, Joey chose Monica and Chandler because “Family comes first”. However, Janine had a good influence on Joey.

    3. Erin – Season 7

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    Joey and Erin had one night’s stand and he did not want to do anything with her after that. However, Rachel ended up bonding with Erin over pancakes. And later, in spite of Joey asking the girls to send her home, she and Phoebe spent an entire day with Erin and started to think that she is the perfect match for Joey. They also talked Joey into dating her again and he fell hard for her. However, Erin did not end up feeling the same way and they broke up. If commitment wasn’t the issue, they would have made a great couple together.

    2. Erika Ford – Season 2

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    Erika Ford was the ultimate fan of Dr. Drake Ramoray. However, she clearly had some issues because she thought that Dr. Drake Ramoray was a real person. According to her, she was dating Dr. Ramoray, and not Joey himself. At first, she was a crazy stalker, but later when she and Joey started dating, she even licked Joey’s hand during a romantic dinner. Although she was a crazy person, she would have made a great match for Joey given the fact that she was totally into him and would not have left him anyway.

    1. Katie – Season 5

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    Out of all of Joey’s girlfriends, Katie was the best. She appeared to be a fun and cute girl. He admitted how much he liked her to his friends. However, nobody is perfect and neither does Katie. In Katie’s case, she punched everyone. And, it really hurt. No one believed him until Rachel got punched by her too. They could have had a beautiful life together only if Joey could have got her to stop the punching.

    So, which one of Joey’s girlfriends on FRIENDS was your favorite? We didn’t talk about who was the most beautiful out of them all. We leave that to you, so tell us, who was the most beautiful girl out of them all? Let us know in the comments section.

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