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    10 Signs That You Might Be The Ross Geller Of Your FRIENDS Group

    Ross Geller from FRIENDS has many roles in his life. From being a great friend to being an amazing father, he fulfills various roles in his life. Even though his actions often say otherwise, he thinks he is a 100% nice guy. Being the biggest romantic and emotional being of the group, he is the kind of man who relies heavily on his group of friends. Not only is he heavily invested in Rachel, but his friends too serve as a source of great support to him. No wonder he shows up at Monica’s apartment as often as possible.

    Every group of friends has a character like Ross who thinks he is the smartest guy and the nicest person, even though his actions often say otherwise. And, if you relate to these signs, you probably are the Ross Geller of your gang:

    1) You Have Anger Issues

    David Schwimmer 2
    Photo Credit: GQ India

    Do you remember infuriated Ross in “The One With Ross’ Sandwich”? Even though Ross has a quick temper, his friends let his outbursts slide out because they know that he is a kind and loving person. Not just that, they also find it kind of hilarious. Each friend group encounters conflicts in their entire friendship journey. Do you know, who is the one who unleashes an angry inner beast? You are surely Ross if it’s you.

    2) You Are An Annoying Roommate

    Photo Credit: Mews

    You are an amazing person to hang out with, but living with you might turn out as a nightmare. You have certain standards which you can’t compromise, and you can’t help it either. Your standards might at times cost you a pissed-off roommate as well, but that’s ok for you. In case, if you are relating yourself to Ross but haven’t experienced this point yet, then think of the last time you were staying with someone. Did he ever try to kick you out politely, just like Chandler and Joey did?

    3) You Are Cheap, Even Though You Don’t Need To Be

    Ross and Bonnie
    Photo Credit: Quora

    Ross has a stable job at the museum that pays well. However, he is still cheap at times. He not only takes all the amenities home with him when he visits hotels but also doesn’t tip at all. What is even worse is he gets his hair cut at the cheapest place in the city. There’s nothing wrong with being cheap. But, you should still tip at least to those people who don’t make that much money as you do. If you are this kind of person, then you are surely Ross in your group.

    4) You Are An Amazing Friend

    Monica's Mismatched Kitchen Chairs in friends
    Photo Credit: Vogue

    You might be a total freak or annoyingly smartass, but just like Ross Geller, your gang knows that you are a great friend. You are the one whom they count on during the tough times. You are the one who can help them and try to understand them. You are the one who gives good advice. And sometimes they might search for you for some laughs, but you know, that would be rare because Chandler’s got the show there.

    5) You’re In Love With Your Friend

    ross and rachel
    Photo Credit: Entrendz Showbizz

    Since these are the people you see regularly, it’s pretty common to fall in love with someone from your friend group. Also because they don’t pretend to be someone they’re not. In high school, Ross first fell in love with Rachel. His old feelings returned, and they wouldn’t let go when he saw her again as an adult. The Ross of the friend group is that person who is clearly in love with their friend.

    6) You Give Best Relationship Advice

    ross chandler joey
    Photo Credit: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

    If you are like Ross, then probably you suck at relationships. But it won’t be a surprise to know that you are good at giving good relationship advice. Because your bad experiences count. You know the tricky parts and slippery slopes of maneuvering a relationship. And, you are the one who always helps your buddies out.

    7) You Need To Always Be Right

    ross geller
    Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

    Even though he gains absolutely nothing by it, Ross just loves being right. Ross found out that Phoebe doesn’t believe in evolution in the episode “The One Where Heckles Dies”. He got obsessed to prove her wrong the entire episode. Sometimes you need to choose your priorities. Whether you want to get along with your friends or want to prove yourself right. There’s no way your friends haven’t confronted you about it if you are Ross of your group.

    8) You Are A Total Smartass

    chandler and ross in 80s fashion
    Photo Credit: Hear Stapps

    If you are the smartest in the school and the most educated and cultured among your friends, then you are the Ross of your group. However, the only annoying thing about it is that you NEVER let them forget how smartass you are. Chill Ross, you don’t have to prove yourself always!

    9) Your Friends Are Not Interested In What You Do

    Ross Killed It With His Amazing Black Tuxedo
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    If you don’t know, Ross has a Ph.D. in paleontology from Columbia University. However, none of his friends seem to really care all that much. Maybe his friends don’t want to encourage his arrogant behavior, thanks to his degree. Do your friends refuse to lend you an ear when you talk about your job? Then you must be the Ross of your friend’s group.

    10) You’re A Bit Delusional In Love

    Ross And Julie
    Photo Credit: I’ll Be There For You

    Ross doesn’t see reality as it is when it comes to romantic relationships just like Ted from “How I Met Your Mother”. His ex-wife wasn’t the first woman who cheated on him. This insecure man developed severe trust issues along the way that impacted his relationship with Rachel. If you have extremely negative romantic experiences, then you will definitely find someone relatable in Ross. You have to start acting more like Chandler unless you want to be in a toxic relationship.

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