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    10 Special Moments From Joey Chandler Bromance

    FRIENDS was one of the most popular television shows during the 90s, ruling the sitcom world for 10 years. From the hilarious cast dynamic, the show’s success stemmed. Together they were like a well-bonded close-knit family. Apart from that, each character had a unique and special relationship with one another. Fortunately, all came together as one big Central Perk gang in the end.

    Well, the best duo on the show was Joey and Chandler. Their comical brotherly love kept audiences roaring with laughter, and they were inseparable throughout all 10 seasons of the show. Even though it was hard to narrow down the special moments between them, here are some of the best moments in Chanoey world.

    1) Saying Goodbye To The Foosball Table

    Saying Goodbye To The Foosball Table in friends
    Photo Credit: Nigeriapenng

    The foosball table played a big role in Joey and Chandler’s friendship. There’s no ‘Joey and Chandler’ without foosball. It was an important piece of furniture in their apartment. One of the most memorable moments with foosball was in the final episodes when the chick and duck get stuck at the foosball table. The only out is to tear the foosball table apart.

    Since the table held too many memories, they both were unable to destroy it. So, Monica willingly does the deed. With a tearful goodbye to the table, Joey and Chandler play one last game before the destruction of the table. It somehow symbolized the end of the show’s dynamic duo ‘Joey ad Chandler.’

    2) Joey Wears All Of Chandler’s Clothes

    Joey Wears All Of Chandler’s Clothes
    Photo Credit: The Today Show

    Ross has invited the gang to an important black-tie event at the museum. Even though he’s desperately trying to get everyone ready, everyone is facing their own dilemma that they couldn’t get dressed on time. However, Chandler and Joey stole the show in this one. Joey stole Chandler’s chair when he got up to go to the bathroom. It made Chandler angry but Joey refuses to get up when Chandler asks him to get up.

    After their bickering, Joey finally stands to go get ready. However, he took the ‘essence of the chair’, the cushions. Chandler retorts back by hiding all of Joey’s underwear. As a result, Joey walks into the apartment after putting on all of Chandler’s clothes and says, “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” This surely shows the bromance of Chanoey.

    3) Parenting The Chick And The Duck

    chandler and joey Parenting The Chick And The Duck
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Joey buys a chick for him and Chandler after seeing them on television. But they soon realize how much work it is. When they tried to return back the chick, they adopt a duck too. The two become parents to the chick and the duck in a hilarious twist of events and their new farm animal friends become a comical addition to the show. The way they cared for the chick and duck was amazing. They appeared in various episodes in the following seasons.

    4) Chandler’s Bachelor Party

    joey in Chandler’s Bachelor Party
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Monica feels guilty after Chandler finds out that he didn’t have a bachelor party and she had. So, she organizes a last-minute party with a stripper. There was only Joey and Chandler at the party. When the stripper shows up and ends up being a prostitute, the two have to tackle an awkward situation. In between, Joey confesses that he misses the two of them hanging out. He smiles and says, “I miss this.” The two have a little moment together despite the fact that their friendship has changed because Chandler is married now.

    5) When They Lost Ben

    chandler and joey lost ben
    Photo Credit: Friends Wiki Fandom

    Joey thinks being out with a baby will help them meet women and that is why Joey and Chandler want to babysit Ben. They meet two women while riding the bus and decided to go on a date with them, but soon they realize that they left Ben on the bus. They finally hunt down Ben at Human Services but were unable to figure out which child is Ben. Despite Joey and Chandler’s attempts to get Ben back unnoticed in the end, Ross still finds out when he goes to change Ben’s diaper because it said, “property of human services.”

    6) Fixing Joey’s Eyebrows

    chandler fixes joey eyebrow
    Photo Credit: Elle

    Joey gets his eyebrows waxed in order to get an acting gig. However, when he realizes how painful it is after going to the salon, he chickens out and leaves after only getting one eyebrow waxed. Just like a true friend, he went to Chandler for help and Chandler fixes his eyebrows. Then Joey says, “That was a pretty girly hour we just spent, we should probably do something manly to make up for it.” Again, just like close friends, they look at one another and Joey says, “Curl my eyelashes!”

    7) Joey Moves Out

    When Joey Moved Out
    Photo Credit: IMDb

    Joey decides to move out after getting a big break in his acting career. Since they have lived together for so long, the whole process is very sad for the two of them. Joey leaves the apartment after saying his final goodbye in the last scene. However, he runs back in immediately after the door shuts and gives Chandler a big emotional hug.

    8) Joey Kisses Chandler On New Years Eve

    Joey Kisses Chandler On New Years Eve
    Photo Credit: YouTube

    The whole gang makes a pact to not bring dates to their New Year’s Eve party. However, they were seen deciding who is going to kiss who at the very end of the episode, and Chandler starts chanting, “somebody kisses me it’s midnight!” At that time, Joey grabs his face and plants a big smooch on his lips to shut him up. That was the perfect ending to the episode.

    9) When They Ride Into The Apartment On The Dog

    Joey and Chandler Ride Into The Apartment On The Dog
    Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

    Monica and Rachel challenge Joey and Chandler to a trivia game. Initially, it was about who knows better about each other, but eventually, Monica gets competitive and bets on the apartment. Unluckily, Joey and Chandler win the game and forfeit the apartment. Joey and Chandler come over to claim their prize when moving day comes around. You will see Chandler riding Pat the dog while Joey salutes to the sky and he eats a sandwich.

    10) Joey and Chandler Are Robbed

    Joey and Chandler Are Robbed
    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Joey and Chandler were trying to sell their ‘home crafted’ entertainment center. While giving a demo to the stranger person, gets in its cabinet to show that he can fit in. However, he finds himself locked inside while the guy steals all of their furniture. Joey ends up trading their entertainment center in the end for some rusty outdoor patio furniture and a canoe. Hilariously, they both sit in their canoe in the middle of their empty apartment at the end of the episode. Chandler sits in the background moping about the loss and Joey is completely content. Isn’t they look adorable?

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