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    10 Unpopular Opinions About The FRIENDS Sitcom

    FRIENDS isn’t just a show for most of us. It is a kind of therapy. What Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica gave us in a show can never be summed up in words. FRIENDS is like an emotion. For 236 episodes from September 1994 to May 2004, sometimes we laughed at them, and sometimes we laughed with them. For many fans, it’s a thread that connects them to their childhood and good old days of the ’90s. Even these days, the show has the power to bring you comfort after a long day at work. Just one episode of watching could make you feel like someone took off the heavy load of monotony from your shoulders.

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    Well, every FRIENDS fan does not feel the same connection with the show. Those fans have quite unpopular opinions about the show. They observed too deeply and noticed too much. Did Phoebe cross the line and instigated people to fight? Was Joey dumb for his age? Was Mike actually Phoebe’s Lobster? And many more. Well, these unpopular opinions will make you more observant from here on. Also, it will assure that we all somehow felt the same about certain things while watching the show.

    They may be unpopular but they do make us realize that how this perfect iconic show had some imperfections as well. And, we never wanted to voice them because we did not want to find flaws in a show like FRIENDS. We have fought with people who have not watched the series yet and forced them to give it a shot. However, it is never wrong to keep an open mind and read about some of the opinions. You never know, you may end up agreeing to some of them.

    1. Rachel And Ross Should Not Have Ended Together

    ross and rachel
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    Where Ross and Rachel consider being an iconic couple, some of them think otherwise. Considering the top comments by lafa0306 claims that Ross and Rachel should not have reconsidered things together because of their toxic relationship. They said, “I didn’t like that Ross/Rachel ended up together. They were toxic and didn’t really bring the right qualities out in each other.” Another user agrees to the statement and says, “The show made them out to be the IT couple but they did not work. Both are too stubborn and uncompromising.”

    2. Ross Was A Problematic Character

    David Schwimmer 2
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    Apopi was never shy while voicing their displeasure towards Ross. According to them, “[He is] a huge misogynist, an insecure selfish jealous do*chebag, and a creep.” Apart from that, they also claimed, “no way the Ross character could behave as he did in FRIENDS in a sitcom today.” We guess it is about to look at Ross through a modern lens.

    3. Fat Monica Was Not Funny

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    Does the show project that being fat is in itself funny? Well, according to 1cecream4breakfast, they were “harassed” on the FRIENDS for not thinking Fat Monica was funny. It tells us that this is a very controversial opinion. One other person agrees to it and says, “I think that the visual of Courteney in that suit was an easy way for the writers to get cheap laughs.” It arises the question if Monica was actually funny or creators just wanted some cheap laughs at the expense of overweight people.

    4. Monica’s Proposal To Chandler Was Cheesy

    monica and chandler
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    Monica and Chandler’s proposal considers being the iconic one. However, this unpopular opinion thread kind of contradicts it. One of the comments from onemoreclick says, “Monica and Chandler’s proposal was cheesy and I skip it.” Interestingly, there was no further response to this comment.

    5. Joey Was Done Dirty

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    Judging by his incredible popularity and a spin-off show, Joey was the breakout character of FRIENDS. However, there is a thread of unpopular opinions about the character. The top-rated comments have alleged that the show did Joey dirty. As per Leticx, “The writers did Joey dirty. He never developed like the other characters.” It continued, “He got dumbed down in the later seasons and was reduced to comic relief with the intelligence of a toddler.” Well, we have the same question from creators.

    6. All Of Them Were Jerks

    friends cast taking weird and funny pics at an event
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    Are the main cast of FRIENDS good people? Were they even good friends to each other? This was the question to chickachickabowbow who answers it with a resounding “no.” They said, “If it weren’t for Joey, the show would’ve been called “A-*-*-H-O-L-E-S” and it probably wouldn’t have been allowed on prime time with that title.” Also, the first response agrees to it and says, “The other 5 are pretty s****y friends to each other when you really think about it.”

    7. Phoebe Was A Lame Character

    phoebe 1
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    Phoebe never really fit into the group and she was always seen as “the weird one” among all the people. Unfortunately, some people think that she was a little too weird to be in a sitcom. Among them, RadleyCuningham believes that her character was “forced”. However, another user contradicts, “was probably only added to fulfill the weird girl stereotype that seems to be necessary for every sitcom to ever exist.”

    8. Monica And Chandler Should Not Have Moved From The Apartment

    Friends monica and chandler
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    Well, it is the reality of life. First, young hotshots looking to “make it” move to New York City. Then, fall in love, get married, have kids, and move to the cheaper and more expansive suburbs. And, that is what Monica and Chandler did as a couple who had kids. However, it did not go well with Serenitybyjan88. She called it “a really stupid choice” because how did they afford a house? Also, it feels unrealistic that they had maintained friendships with everyone after moving to the suburbs.

    9. Rachel And Joey Would Have Made Great Pair

    Joey and Rachel
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    FRIENDS gave some relationship goals in the form of Chandler-Monica, Ross-Rachel, and Phoebe-Mike. However, there is one pair that is highly controversial, Joey and Rachel. Many fans thought that it was a forced and manufactured pairing. However, Sassy_Severus_Snape thinks differently. He says, “I think Joey and Rachel would have been great together.” Interestingly, two more people shared the same opinion.

    10. The Show Became Worse As Characters Aged

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    Earlier, the show had a charm of the lost characters who were looking for their place in the world. However, once the show “grew up” with its characters, it lost its charm. According to anaesthaesia, “The show was at its best when people were still sort of lost. It was so much more enjoyable and relaxing to watch when everyone was as lost like me.” He elaborates by saying, “Once they got established and babies were in the picture it just wasn’t the same.”

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