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    15 Daring Couples With Great Sense Of Humour Shared These Pictures

    Turns out that laughing with each other and laughing at each other is important to keep your relationships going strong. It can be harmless pranks or different ways of making fun of something together, some couples dared to share a glimpse of how they make their bond stronger while having fun and we’re loving it!

    Here, we have compiled a list of pictures that we think will blow your mind. It might also help you make your relationship better in many ways. Maybe you can try out some pranks on your special one to make her smile.

    #1 When Babe Is Angry

    Silly fights are common in any relationship. A couple shared a morning pic after having an argument the last night. This is how she took revenge on him for not letting her win the fight. Beware, this could be you someday, so better to let her win!

    when babe is angry with you she does this

    #2 When She Wants Your Attention

    Just when the guy was about to get happy, he discovered the real intention of the note. The poor guy who had to go through this pain, we can feel for you bro!

    when babe wants your attention for a conversation

    #3 When Both Of You Have The Same Level Of Craziness

    This couple shows us that even simple walks can be made into memorable ones. If you both have the same level of craziness and madness then you will have a never ending bond.

    funny couple moment of fake fight captured in camera

    #4 When You Support Your Partner In Everything

    When you want to support her in everything then this is what you do. Why leave her/him alone while she is doing a sh*t. Truly hilarious!

    funny couple supports while pooping

    #5 The Abnormal Baby Prank

    This husband replaced his baby’s ultrasound with a photo of a xenomorph and the wife sent it to all their relatives without realizing it.

    ultrasound report of a couple who made it funny

    #6 Who’s The Boyfriend?

    “My girlfriend showed up to a party for my birthday dressed as me.”

    girlfriend made herself look like the boyfriend

    #7 The PlayStation Baby

    “My girlfriend and I (finally) got a PlayStation 5, so naturally we did a fake maternity and newborn shoot with it.”

    playstation is like a baby for this funny couple

    #8 The Fat Prank

    We know how badly she freaks out after adding a few pounds. This man made her go nuts unless she realised how naughty his guy can be even in

    old couple weight check prank

    #9 The Stylist Girlfriend

    A hairstylist friend of mine has done her boyfriend’s hair every day that they’ve been stuck inside. So far we have these gems.

    girlfriend made this mans hairs

    #10 When You Want To Piss Her Off

    “I had a shirt made with unflattering pictures of my wife.”

    wife photo tshirt

    #11 Would You Dare This Ever?

    “I gave my girlfriend a set of keys to my apartment today.”

    apartment keys for my girlfriend

    #12 The Fart Moment

    It’s awkward to fart in front of your date the first time. Once you do it, this becomes quite ok but that first moment of fart is always embarrassing. But this couple dared to go above that zone.

    yaya you farted for the first time cake celebration

    #13 When She Loses The Bet

    “My wife lost a bet and had to go on the scariest ride at the carnival.”

    after loosing a bet she had to take the rough ride

    #14 When Your Surprises Too Are Like Pranks

    “Told my boyfriend I was getting him a burger for Christmas.” This is probably the best way to surprise him on his birthday. He will happy and amused too!

    present like a burger gift

    #15 When You want to Scare Your Partner

    Just move the coat stand at night and wait till he screams in the middle of the night. Oh, you need not wait even, you will hear it anyway. This is what a couple did to scare the other one and later laugh out loud.

    coat stand moved to look like ghost

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