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    10 Companies Who Put Employees First During Pandemic

    The second wave of COVID-19 has been quite scary for most people. However, many companies have put their employees’ necessities first, amidst a shortage of beds, scarcity of medical supplies, and unfortunate loss of lives. Here is the list of 10 companies that have come forward to help their employees and are extending support to their families as well. Scroll down to check it out:

    1. Borosil

    The company announced that the families will be given 2 years of salary if any of their employees die of COVID. The company will also look after the education of their children up to graduation in India.

    2. Amazon

    If the employee test positive for coronavirus, the company is giving 14 days special paid leave and also to those who need to look after a COVID +ve patient at home. They are also helping with setting up ICU at homes.

    3. TCS

    Photo Credit: BusinessStandard

    TCS has set up Covid Care Centers in India across 11 cities. They are also working with hotels that have hospital tie-ups. To avail of emergency medical financial assistance, employees and their families can go there. Employees are also given paid quarantine leaves among other benefits.

    4. Capgemini

    Photo Credit: DNAIndia

    Capgemini is covering the cost of COVID vaccines for all employees and their families. They are doing it in strict accordance with government protocols.

    5. Paytm

    Paytm will continue to pay salaries during the current financial year to the deceased employees. They had purchased home medical equipment for their employees and their families.

    6. Urban Company

    Urban Company
    Photo Credit: TheTribuneIndia

    To provide bereavement support and medical assistance, the company has set up a Covid-19 Relief Fund. It will provide support to the company’s employees and their families.

    7. IBM

    Photo Credit: ITIJ

    IBM has a dedicated health line who are isolating at home in India can receive medical care from medical professionals.

    8. Zomato

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    Zomato is providing 100% of the deceased employee’s two years income to their family.

    9. Flipkart

    Photo Credit: OSFHealthcare

    The e-commerce giant, Flipkart is providing free vaccinations to employees. Not just that, they are providing vaccinations to five of their dependents each.

    10. StanPlus

    StanPlus Emergency Bus
    Photo Credit: StanPlus

    The ambulance services company, StanPlus is providing free emergency medical services and quarantine facilities to its staff. They are not counting quarantine leaves and the employees can take leave any time if they are not feeling comfortable around the situation.

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