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    10 Evidences To Prove Aliens Are Real And Have Visited Earth

    We have enough movies of aliens coming to earth and destructing us completely. But is there any chance that aliens are real? And if they come to our planet will their only motive be to destroy us? Well, that cannot be true. We are looking for life in the space but we don’t intend to just kill them or destroy them. There might be an alien, like us who genuinely wants to see someone else sharing the universe. If so then when are they coming to meet us?

    The Official Statements always say that aliens have never visited earth but is that real? There have been many instances to prove that aliens have already visited our planet. We have accumulated a list of such proves to help you decide, what you want to believe. Unless we have aliens coming down in broad daylight, we have to rely on our judgement and that can only come when you are well informed. So go ahead and read the points and decide for yourself.

    Crop Circles

    We have all heard of crop circles and would consider most of them to be a pretty modern phenomenon. However, the first reported crop circle was way back in 1678 in Scotland known as the devil’s circle. A crop circle is often large and complicated in design and found in fields of corn or wheat. Many of them are claimed to be man-made. But in a few cases, farmers report that the crop circles appeared overnight in a matter of minutes. Such incidents and statements have led many to believe that crop circles are a form of alien communication.

    Foo fighters

    Not the band, well foo fighters was a term used by Allied Aircraft Pilots during World war 2 to describe strange ariel sightings, believed to be UFOs. In various accounts, they were described as glowing fiery lights speeding through the air or sometimes close to the ground. Researchers have suggested that Foo Fighters can be explained as an electrostatic or electromagnetic phenomenon. However, there are no conclusive accounts to describe these sightings. Because of the absence of any evidence these cases remain a mystery.

    Trace evidence

    There are things such as trace evidence or close encounters of the second kind. If you are wondering what it is, Ufology defines second kind encounters as instances where there is physical interaction with a UFO. The interactions could be a landing mark, damaged vegetation, or weird residues. There are somewhere around three thousand to five thousand trace cases spread across the world. Some of which could be debunked as hoaxes but there are a few genuine cases that are unexplainable.

    Area 51

    Area 51 has been the object of many conspiracy theories over the years due to the clouds of secrecy around it. CIA officially acknowledged the area for the first time back in 2013 but as an airfield during World war two. They said it was used to design and build military jets and drones. Yet, conspiracies still persist about its alleged use as an alien research centre.


    Talking about Aliens we always have in our mind, the Martians, our neighbours from planet Mars. We look for ET life in the closest planet to us because it has a somewhat similar environment. Also, data says that there was once water on Mars. Recent shreds of evidence show that approximately 4.5 billion years ago one-fifth of the planet was converted with water. In 2017, the curiosity rover detected the presence of boron on Mars. If you aren’t aware then boron is considered an essential ingredient for life. So it suggests that mars could have once been the planet, hosting life in it.

    Drake equation

    Astronomer Frank Drake developed an equation to estimate the number of planets that are capable of hosting life. And his equation preferred the planets where the aliens could communicate with us. After many assumptions, his calculations state that there can be approximately 10,000 intelligent species in our universe.

    Ancient paintings

    There are many thousands and thousands of year old paintings found on earth. A few famous ones are in the Kurama region of India that depict spooky faceless aliens and UFO-like object. According to archaeologist JR Berg, these paintings depict otherworldly structures. So is it possible aliens have already visited earth in the past? Or else how would our ancestors know those odd figures and shapes.

    Alien Arts

    During the Renaissance era, UFO shapes popped up in art-works on several occasions. A famous piece of Madonna with Saint Giovanni also known as the UFO art, painted in around 15th century, depicts Mary looking down at Jesus and St. John. While in the background we notice a man and his dog appears to be looking in bewilderment at a UFO hovering directly above them.

    Alien Abductions

    There isn’t real proof that alien abduction is happening. But, what’s fascinating is the fact that there are thousands of people who believe they were abducted by the aliens. Some also say that they have seen some grey creatures with big black eyes while doing an experiment on them.

    Habitable planets

    The discovery of numerous planets gives way to the theory that there has to be life out there in the universe. And if there’s life most likely there’s intelligent life. The Aliens might be too advance than what we are today. If you can imagine, then try thinking that maybe we are just a simulation being observed by some super-intelligent Alien.

    Our Universe is never-ending and full of possibilities. If life can exist and perish in the harshest condition on earth, then there’s a possibility that life might have evolved in the outer space too. While most of the people will deny and argue in the existence of aliens, but some will continue to ponder and search around for life. Please take the above list with a pinch of salt for we don’t know for sure any better than you do about Aliens. We are still searching for many unanswered questions!

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