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    Why Owning A Business Is Better Than A 9-6 Job

    While growing up, we have always been told to study hard to land a good job and get a better life in return. Some of us have really absorbed it while growing up because this is what we have been taught all our lives. However, this belief is now starting to change in this modern generation.

    how people react to someone getting into a job and someone doing business
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    Throughout the day we read about successful entrepreneurs leading the world without any age limitation and how risky it is to run your own venture. And with social media and digital platforms, businesses are flourishing. However, the growth of entrepreneurs globally is not just limited to online businesses.

    It’s rightly said – “No Pain, No Gain”. That is why, once who enters the world of business, knows the pain but loves the results too and that tempts him to stay there forever. Here we have listed a few reasons to prove why owning a business is better than a 9 to 6 job. Let’s check it out:

    Lead As You Desire:

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    In your business, you are your own boss. You don’t have to wait for anyone’s approval or order. You are responsible for the decisions you make, and the growth of your company lies in it. You are free to take the credit and write your own story. The process allows you to work quickly and efficiently, which as a result gives more value to your talent.

    Money Is Never A Problem:

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    We work for money and it is always in our mind while working. However, as an entrepreneur, there will be no limit to the money. Because like an employee, you won’t earn a fixed amount, you can earn as much as you want. It depends on how much you work and make profits out of your business. Work hard, improve your connections, gain more business and you will live like a king.

    No Age Limit:

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    As an entrepreneur, there is no age limit to work because there’s no retirement age attached. You can work as long as you want and till the time you are healthy enough, you can continue working. You will see some entrepreneurs are leading their business even after the age of 70. Also, surprising is the fact that some of them started late and became successful really late in life. So there’s no age limit in business.

    Infinity Time To Play:

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    When you are running your own company, you can be flexible with time. You can work according to your own comfort and goals. Salaried people who work in a 9 to 6 job don’t get that privilege to work according to their timings. Currently, work-from-home culture has brought in some flexibility but that’s not so promising. As a business person, you have a lot to do but it will be upon you how you would do it and when. You will stay occupied but will have an option to manage it better at your own will.

    Be What You Want To Be:

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    Having your own venture allows you to be what you want to be and how you want things around you to be. It often happens that a person’s passion is different from their passion. But in your venture, you can be creative and experiment with new things that come in line with your interests. It will grow better and make things interesting in life. It will also inspire others and maybe give many other people having the same interest have a better life.

    No Waiting Around:

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    Being the boss of your company, you don’t have to seek permission from anybody before you make any plans with your family or friends. Unlike salaried employees who have to submit applications and wait for approval, not following which they may even suffer pay-cuts.

    Be A Practitioner:

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    To become a successful entrepreneur, you have to become a practitioner. You are responsible for the groundwork, presentations, and then the final execution. So, you have to practice what you learn throughout the journey and implement better practices in the way.

    Working On Goals:

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    You have to be dedicated and ambitious to be an entrepreneur. You can manage and control a large number of people and business divisions in the direction you want to take it. It will allow you to take charge of your desired goals, professionally and personally.

    A Fun Fact: Being the boss of the company, you don’t even need to explain when you’re late except if there is a meeting. To put it simply, you get more freedom to do anything as long as you sort everything in your business well.

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